Although this is US based and US targeted it is just as applicable to the UK or an country where wives and families are waiting for their loved ones to return.


Dear America,

I’m pretty sure you don’t know me although you’re probably convinced that you do. You’ve seen me (or someone like me) on the news, in the paper or on a Lifetime tv show. You might have witnessed our tearful airport good-bye or clapped at our  reunion. You might spot me by my bumper sticker, license plate or “Red T-shirt on Friday”. It might be my accent or longing for Dunkin Donuts that gives away the fact that I’m not from around here. Another military wife.

I’m not just another military wife though. Actually, none of us are. There are things you don’t know about us. Things that you can’t see in twenty seconds on the news or find in a front page photo. There are things that are hidden in the tearful goodbyes and forgotten in the sweet hellos. I am more than a bumper sticker, a red…

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Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

My apologies to Pink Floyd but this is good news for employees of local business Astrium

Jobs have been secured in Portsmouth after space firm Astrium signed a contract to send a satellite close to the sun.

The deal is worth £245m for Astrium UK, which has bases in the city at Broad Oak, and in Stevenage.

Astrium sign deal to build Solar Orbiter satellite – Local Business – Portsmouth News.

Nature Lover Mugged – RSPCA Should Be Ashamed

The RSPCA should be ashamed of their actions.

The greatest joy in the life of animal enthusiast David Brown was the wild habitat he owned opposite his cottage that was home to foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and squirrels.

So when he wrote his will, Mr Brown chose to leave his property to the RSPCA – a charity he trusted.

But the RSPCA repaid his trust by selling the land to property developers, and last week, to the horror of his former neighbours, the habitat was flattened – in just 12 hours.

Legally they may not be bound by David Browns “wishes” but morally they were.

From the RSPCAs own website

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – the UK’s leading animal welfare charity. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome hundreds of thousands of animals each year. We offer advice on caring for all animals and campaign to change laws that will protect them, which we will enforce through prosecution.

The cynical amongst us  may believe that people at the RSPCA are motivated by self-interest, that the officers of the RSPCA saw this bequest as a way in which they could help safeguard their inflated salaries.

The cynical amongst us will also be distrustful of the RSPCA since they do not seem to exhibit either sincerity or integrity when they have quite blatantly diverted from their stated intent.

And in their own name ..

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

How cruel was it to clear this site and deprive the many creatures of their homes and habitat.

I believe the RSPCA have been hugely disrespectful to David Brown and have damaged their own reputation.

Read more:–sell-bulldozed-built-on.html#ixzz1tPFrOWEh

Nature lover leaves wildlife haven to RSPCA ¿ who sell it to be bulldozed and built on | Mail Online.

The Thing

In case any of you are wondering how come I’m posting at 06:00 I’ll tell.

This damn cold, man flu or whatever “The Thing” is, it’s pushing me to the extreme.

I can’t lay down and sleep because when I do I cough. And when I cough I can’t sleep. So you see, it’s easier to get up and read or, as at the moment, blog.

“The Thing”, whatever I have, its been going on for three weeks now. Started with a few days of a mildly sore throat which eventually seem to turn into a cold but without the sneezing. Just when that started to fade away “The Thing” came back with a vengeance. Fresh sore throat, different from the first phase, and everything moved down onto my chest. Since then I have felt like shit.

Headaches, presumably caused by obstructed sinuses, temperature going up and down, eyes watering, nose constantly switching between bunged up to dripping like a leaky tap. Now I have the, previously absent, sneezing. Oh, and did I mention the coughing. The irritating dry cough that no medicine or liquid seems to touch. I have been coughing so long now that upper body from waist to chest feels like I’ve been used as a punch bag.

My wife is exasperated and who can blame her. The explosive coughing must be really irritating to listen to. So far she seems to have avoided “The Thing” although she has been coughing too ….. ?
Fingers crossed that is all she gets.

And today we should have been going to my great-granddaughters first birthday but of course we will stay away. Can’t have either her or mum going down with “The Thing”.

Hey Ranger, Daddy’s Home

This heartwarming video shows the moment a dog is reunited with his military master, having returned from service in Afghanistan.

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Portsmouth Bid To Be At Centre Of National Celebration For 2014

PORTSMOUTH has launched a bid to be at the centre of a huge national celebration to honour our armed forces.

Council leaders want the city to become the stage for a week of displays on land, sea and air by thousands of army, navy and air force personnel.

We should support Pompey in this bid.

This country tends to be rather London centric when it comes to national celebrations. London likes to think that they are the centre of the British universe and unfairly, in my opinion, the government tends to support this notion.

London is not geographically central to the UK and the prestige national events should be shared around the country.
Portsmouth, amongst many other cities, has as much right to host these events.

Now councillors and business leaders have urged everyone to get behind a push to bring the Armed Forces Week celebrations to Portsmouth in 2014.

The year will also mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day, 100 years since the start of the First World War and 350 years since the founding of the Royal Marines.

Conservative culture, leisure and sport spokesman, Cllr Jim Fleming, said he was fully in favour of the bid.

He said: ‘This would be a terrific boost for the city’s economy and will be an opportunity to show the city in the best light possible.’

It is the economic benefits from this type of event which keeps London grabbing the best events. Pompey council have to show that they are just as ruthless and show that their city has the where with all to pull it off.

We have a great naval heritage… I can’t think of a better place for it – Defence – Portsmouth News.