Portsmouth Bid To Be At Centre Of National Celebration For 2014

PORTSMOUTH has launched a bid to be at the centre of a huge national celebration to honour our armed forces.

Council leaders want the city to become the stage for a week of displays on land, sea and air by thousands of army, navy and air force personnel.

We should support Pompey in this bid.

This country tends to be rather London centric when it comes to national celebrations. London likes to think that they are the centre of the British universe and unfairly, in my opinion, the government tends to support this notion.

London is not geographically central to the UK and the prestige national events should be shared around the country.
Portsmouth, amongst many other cities, has as much right to host these events.

Now councillors and business leaders have urged everyone to get behind a push to bring the Armed Forces Week celebrations to Portsmouth in 2014.

The year will also mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day, 100 years since the start of the First World War and 350 years since the founding of the Royal Marines.

Conservative culture, leisure and sport spokesman, Cllr Jim Fleming, said he was fully in favour of the bid.

He said: ‘This would be a terrific boost for the city’s economy and will be an opportunity to show the city in the best light possible.’

It is the economic benefits from this type of event which keeps London grabbing the best events. Pompey council have to show that they are just as ruthless and show that their city has the where with all to pull it off.

We have a great naval heritage… I can’t think of a better place for it – Defence – Portsmouth News.

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