View From The Conservatory

Well actually it’s more like “Noises Off” as that is what alerted me to the nocturnal shenanigans going on on my garden this evening.

It is amazing just how much noise these little critters make whilst courting.

It’s likely these are the squatters, residing under my shed.

View From The Conservatory

Yet another Squirrel photo. Nothing much else to say really.

These little critters are always stealing the bird food. I don’t really mind as I have several feeders around the garden.

Given the cold weather, I would prefer them to eat, rather than starve.

Yet Another Squirrel Picture

Over the last few weeks I have loaded up two of my bird feeders with around 2 kilos of sunflower hearts. One feeder has a stainless steel mesh and is mainly frequented by the various members of the tit family. Supplemented by the occasional visits of a pair of Nuthatches and Robins. And today we even had a Bullfinch, a first for us.

The other feeder is a little more open and needless to say is the preferred food source for, yep, you guessed it. The squirrels …..

Loitering With Intent

I wouldn’t mind, but in stealing the birds food they spill more on the ground than they actually eat.

Caught In The Act

This ground based bounty then attracts the attention of those flying pigs, the Wood Pigeons. I call them pigs because of the volume of seed a single pigeon consumes. I also refer to them as vultures, as they sit high up in the trees waiting for us humans to leave the garden so they can come down and scavenge. They remind me of that old cartoon and tee shirt design …..


One day they will lose their patience, fly down and attack me instead of waiting for me to fill the feeders.

Anyway, I know, it’s my fault, I bought the wrong type of feeder. But I have yet to find a squirrel proof feeder. These little scallywags have such sharp teeth and are so persistent, that they have chewed their way into every feeder that doesn’t give them instant access to the food, like the one above.

Like us humans and our money, who want instant access to our cash. We have ATMs, the squirrel community want ASDs. Automated Seed Dispensers.


Albino Squirrel

We don’t get them every year, but we do seem to get them fairly frequently….

Sometimes we have a pair but more often than not it’s just a singleton. Compared to the usual greys these little chaps stick out like a sore thumb.

View From The Conservatory

Just thought I’d share a picture of these two guys.


We rarely see Goldfinches in our garden, just maybe once or twice a year, and this is the first time I have managed to get a photo. The focus is a bit soft due to the effect of shooting through double glazing and being at full zoom.

View From The Conservatory

Some more boring squirrel shots.


Entertaining animal acrobatics while I was having my brekky of tea and toast ….. lol

A split second before he plummeted the six feet to the ground. Slippery that stainless steel.

I Love You !!!

Now, If I can just get this lid off !!!

Don’t I Look Cute ?

Second cute pose with sunlit tail.

Hiding ?

The Wonders Of The Waterlooville Web Masters

Here we are, October, and it’s that time of the year. Every morning as we step out of the front door we have to wave to the world. Similar to the Melbourne wave in the summer, only this time it isn’t because of the flies. Our deeply recessed front door seems to be the ideal place for spiders to construct their webs. Sadly, we have to break the fruits of their nightly labours. Quite often we can’t actually see the webs, or the single strands that are the anchor points for the more elaborate works of art, so we end up pulling the debris from our hair and clothes. Don’t you just love cobwebs across your face and eyes.

However, a few mornings ago we were treated to a quite beautiful display. Here are a few pictures that I took. They really don’t do justice to the real thing, but I hope you enjoy them.

The Wonders Of The Waterlooville Web Masters

Work In Progress – The Wonders Of The Waterlooville Web Masters

The Wonders Of The Waterlooville Web Masters

The Wonders Of The Waterlooville Web Masters

Combination – The Wonders Of The Waterlooville Web Masters

The Wonders Of The Waterlooville Web Masters

Highrise – The Wonders Of The Waterlooville Web Masters

Illumination – Orb Spider (Araneus diadematus), The Wonders Of The Waterlooville Web Masters

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