View From The Conservatory

So I was just heading out to the freezer in the utility room, thinking about what we should have for dinner tonight. I was a little cautious stepping out of the kitchen as always, because I like to peek and see what birds are in the garden. I stood watching a Dunnock for a minute or so as it darted around the bare branches of some shrubs. Then a movement from the other side of the garden caught my eye.

And this is what I saw…

Skanky Fox in my garden. Apart from the lack of fur he seems quite healthy and alert.

The amazing thing is he clambered up on top of our fence and plodded along the top in the same way as cats do. The feet on one side on the top of the fence and the other feet on the arris rail.

As I said, Alert. He was aware of every noise be it traffic or bird calls.

I had watched him for a while before I thought to go get my camera. These pictures are all captured through double glazing which is less than clean at the moment.

I don’t think he had a best side.

This is the second fox that we have had in the garden with skin/fur problems. Although the previous one looked like he had suffered a kind of de-gloving of the hind leg, perhaps as a result of conflict with a car. Maybe this one has had a similar encounter although I am tempted to contact the RSPCA and see if this is indicative of something that local dog owners might need to be aware of.

Nature Lover Mugged – RSPCA Should Be Ashamed

The RSPCA should be ashamed of their actions.

The greatest joy in the life of animal enthusiast David Brown was the wild habitat he owned opposite his cottage that was home to foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and squirrels.

So when he wrote his will, Mr Brown chose to leave his property to the RSPCA – a charity he trusted.

But the RSPCA repaid his trust by selling the land to property developers, and last week, to the horror of his former neighbours, the habitat was flattened – in just 12 hours.

Legally they may not be bound by David Browns “wishes” but morally they were.

From the RSPCAs own website

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – the UK’s leading animal welfare charity. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome hundreds of thousands of animals each year. We offer advice on caring for all animals and campaign to change laws that will protect them, which we will enforce through prosecution.

The cynical amongst us  may believe that people at the RSPCA are motivated by self-interest, that the officers of the RSPCA saw this bequest as a way in which they could help safeguard their inflated salaries.

The cynical amongst us will also be distrustful of the RSPCA since they do not seem to exhibit either sincerity or integrity when they have quite blatantly diverted from their stated intent.

And in their own name ..

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

How cruel was it to clear this site and deprive the many creatures of their homes and habitat.

I believe the RSPCA have been hugely disrespectful to David Brown and have damaged their own reputation.

Read more:–sell-bulldozed-built-on.html#ixzz1tPFrOWEh

Nature lover leaves wildlife haven to RSPCA ¿ who sell it to be bulldozed and built on | Mail Online.

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