A Day On The Isle Of Wight

A couple of weeks ago it was decided that we, and our Ozzy rellies, would take a trip across to the Isle of Wight. The most flexible way is to take your own car across on the ferry, rather than rely on public transport on either side of the Solent. Travelling into Pompey around morning… Continue reading A Day On The Isle Of Wight

Waving To Tim

Did you see it ? The ISS (International Space Station) that is. If you were in the Perth, WA vicinity it would have been visible this evening from around 8:43 PM, for around 6 minutes. According to NASA the ISS would track across the sky, appearing 10° above NW. Reaching a maximum height of 84° before disappearing… Continue reading Waving To Tim

My Prostate and Me – Part 9

For those of you who are following this saga you will remember that my last post was shortly after attending hospital for surgery. That the surgery was cancelled due to a lack of availability of beds. I think the fates intervened and the cancellation of the operation was a blessing in disguise. There were just too many… Continue reading My Prostate and Me – Part 9

And So The Journey Begins

One of the major topics of conversation during the latter weeks of 2014, for me at least, has been retirement. In June of this year I will achieve the grand old age of 63. This is significant, as that is the target retirement age defined in all my company pension bumf. I started with the… Continue reading And So The Journey Begins

Aubergine – Bangladeshi & Indian Cuisine Restaurant

Last evening we popped down to see how my daughter and her husbands new venture was progressing. They have just opened Glam & Glitz Boutique in Albert Road, Southsea. Since it was near closing time we all decided to go out for a meal. Albert Road is a great place to go if you are hungry.… Continue reading Aubergine – Bangladeshi & Indian Cuisine Restaurant