Tonight – El Caballo Resort

Mad, impetuous fools that we are, we are heading up to Wooroloo and El Caballo Resort for an outdoor musical extravaganza.

The show is entitled Simply The Best and is an evening of tribute acts and the line up goes like this …..

Roy Orbison Show                                                            4.00pm – 5.00pm
Johnny Cash & June Carter Show                               5.00pm – 5.20pm
The Beatles Show                                                              5.30pm – 6.30pm
Elvis Presley Show                                                           6.30pm – 6.50pm
Creedence Clearwater Revival Show                            7:30pm – 8.30pm
Marylyn Monroe Show                                                   8.30pm – 8.45pm
Tina Turner Show                                                           9.00pm – 10.30pm

We will either have a fabulous time or it will be a monumental disaster. Only time will tell.

RIP John Weldon Cale – JJ Cale

I was very much saddened to hear of the death of JJ Cale. He was 74 and died of a heart attack.

JJ Cale helped found the “Tulsa Sound”,  a fusion of blues, rockabilly, and country. Whilst mainly known for his guitar playing, JJ Cale also played  piano, keyboards, bass, drums.

He was a prolific singer / song writer and many of his songs were covered by other artists. These included covers by musicians such as “After Midnight” and “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton, “Clyde” by Waylon Jennings and “Call Me the Breeze” by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Johnny Cash. Other artists that have recorded Cale’s work include Carlos Santana, Tom Petty and Randy Crawford. JJ Cales  songs could be best described as laid back, mellow, yet with a driving groove and over the years he has collaborated with many artists. Many more, including Neil Young, Bryan Ferry and Mark Knopfler, cite him as one of the influences of their own music.

Once again the world has lost a major talent. But, thanks to his magic, the world is a richer place and his influences on other current musicians ensures that his legacy is carried forward.

And folks, if you don’t know the works of JJ Cale, there are over twenty albums out there for you to dip into.

Smooth…. Oh So Smooth

Now that’s a segue …. Sublime …
Loreena McKennitts Kecharitomene followed by Led Zeppelin with Kashmir.

Got to hand it to Bill & Rebecca Goldsmith at Radio Paradise… they do know how to carry a theme forward.

Patty, Last Of The Legendary Andrews Sisters Dies

It has been reported that Patty Andrews has died at the age of 94.

The Andrews Sisters close harmonies have given, and continue to give great pleasure whenever I hear them singing. Dated they may be but the songs always make me smile. Here are a couple of tunes to remind you and as a tribute to Patty and the gang.

Swing Singing Legend Patty Andrews Dies.

Adrian von Ziegler – Instrumental Music

Stumbled across this while noodling around in You Tube. It was, for me, a pleasant surprise.

About Adrian von Ziegler – Instrumental Music

I’m an independent composer from Switzerland who creates various styles of mostly Celtic, Gothic, Metal and Film Music.

Everybody who likes and spreads my music is very highly appreciated since making independent music more known is incredibly hard these days.

Blown Away

As many of you know Radio Paradise is my station of choice to listen to when I am working. However, just once in a while it has an adverse effect and stops me from working. Well we just had one of those moments. Had to kick back, turn up the volume and close my eyes ….. They played the following tracks in succession…

Sonny Landreth – Congo Square

Stevie Ray Vaughn – Pipeline

Not the version played on RP but this is a great clip to watch.

California Guitar Trio – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Again, not the version played by RP but well worth watching as an intro to these guys.

RIP Dave Brubeck

At the age of 91, Dave Brubeck has departed this earth and we have lost another great talent.

I am pretty sure that it was hearing the  Dave Brubeck Quartets rendition of  “Take Five” that  really introduced me to jazz. Written by quartet member  Paul Desmond this track always makes me stop and listen. This may seem strange to hear from a dedicated rock music lover. In truth I love all music that is played and presented well and for me the clear airy drumming with the iconic sax “vocal” all underpinned by Brubecks virtuoso piano playing has it all.

Of course Brubeck is more than this one single lifted from the 1959 album “Time Out” so as another tribute to Brubeck I include “Take The ‘A’ Train”

The Dave Brubeck web site is showing a nice collection of pictures of Brubeck over the years to a soundtrack showcasing a selection of  tracks featuring Dave’s piano playing. The site is well worth a visit.

Brubeck died of heart failure yesterday, just one day before his 92nd birthday.

Dave we will miss you.

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