Dr Jim Marshall RIP – ‘the Father of Loud’

At the age of 88, Jim Marshall, the pioneering creator of Marshall Amplification has passed on.

In his early career, Marshall used to sing and play drums. He became so proficient that he began teaching others. These were to include Mitch Mitchell, who became drummer to Jim Hendrix, and also Mick Underwood who would go on, via The Herd, to play for Ritchie Blackmore.

Marshall ran a music store and it was comments from customers such as Pete Townshend, “Big” Jim Sullivan and Richie Blackmore that spurred him into making amplifiers and ultimately the creation of the iconic Marshall Amp. I have lost count of the number of concerts I attended where the whole of the back stage area was a wall of Marshall amps and speakers. What a legacy.

Jim Marshalls name is and will forever be synonymous with rock music.