Casbah provided architect with inspiration for centre – Remember The Tricorn

The Tricorn, in my opinion it was the ugliest building on the planet, although it was only rated third ugliest building in Britain.

From Wikipedia

The Casbah (Arabic: قصبة‎, qaṣba, meaning citadel (fortress)) is specifically the citadel of Algiers in Algeria and the traditional quarter clustered around it. More generally, a kasbah is the walled citadel of many North African cities and towns.

The architect, Owen Luder,  may have had a casbah in mind when he designed the Tricorn but my memories of the reality are very mixed.

I visited the Tricorn Club on numerous occasions, even the Radio 1 club when it was held there. Most Saturdays my wife and I would visit the market. We visited the The Bell, the pub that was hidden deep in the bowels of the warren beneath the car parks. I also remember visiting the Indian restaurant.

But I have to say that the overpowering memory was of a very cold and windy structure and the stench of stale urine. A long way from a casbah.

It didn’t take very long for the structure to degrade and it looked awful especially once the water staining of the side panels took hold. I have heard it called “concrete cancer”.

All in all the Tricorn was a total disaster

Portsmouth does not have a very good record for presenting itself to visitors. There is the Centaur Street “Prison Wall” on the left as you come down the M275 then you are led round to where the Tricorn used to stand. A dismal building replaced by a bland car park. And lets not forget about Portsdown Park, the disastrous housing development that cost Portsmouth a fortune to build, maintain and then demolish.

There seems to be a bit of a theme running here.
Casbah provided architect with inspiration for centre – Remember When – Portsmouth News.

Russell Brand: Addiction is an illness not a crime

Addiction should be treated as a health problem rather than a criminal matter, comedian Russell Brand has told a committee of MPs.

The 36-year-old former heroin addict described addiction as an “illness” and said that those suffering from it should be treated with “compassion”.

He advocated an “abstinence-based recovery” approach, telling MPs this was how he overcame his addiction to drugs, which he said was caused by emotional, psychological and spiritual difficulties.

He said he thought the money spent on arresting drug addicts would be better spent on treating them, as he gave evidence to the Home Affairs Committee on 24 April 2012, as part of its inquiry into drugs policy.

Brand may well be right that addicts should receive treatment rather than be arrested and locked up. But that doesn’t address the real problem.

Drugs is big business and all the while it is lucrative to the criminal elements then there will be people willing to supply to the weak-willed who are willing to buy.

We still need a solution to the source and supply of drugs in this country. Only then will the cost of addiction be reduced. Whether it be by reducing the number of addicts arrested for the crimes they commit trying to fund their habit or by reducing the number of addicts that end up in our hospitals as a result of bad drugs, overdoses or drug related illnesses.

BBC – Democracy Live – Russell Brand: Addiction is an illness not a crime.

It’s A Beautiful Day

Radio Paradise just turned a dull afternoon into a beautiful one by playing Don & Dewey by It’s A Beautiful Day.

I know it’s 60’s rock but so, so good. The title refers to Rock & Roll duo Don “Sugarcane” Harris & Dewey Terry

What a blast.