BBC News: Shamima Begum: IS bride set to be granted legal aid

BBC News – Shamima Begum: IS bride set to be granted legal aid

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

The moment Miss Begum chose the terrorist life, she gave up her rights to any legal help from this country.

She chose to support a group of people who took away the rights of hundreds and thousands of innocent people.

Why should we grant her any rights ?

Is Soldier F getting legal aid ?

Shit Shambles


I am embarrassed by the way in which the elected representatives from all parties are scrabbling over   just to score points.

Once the referendum results were in the act of leaving the EU became a non political issue.

All parties should be working together to ensure that the UK came out of this cleanly.

Instead all the MPs seem to be dancing gleefully, denouncing Theresa Mays efforts, pushing for a general election.

It’s like they are on an express train heading down the mountainside, they are all fighting to be the engine driver but not one of them actually knows how to drive the train.

Brexit was always going to be a complicated and difficult issue.

The EU were always going to make it difficult for us to leave.

They will exact their pound of flesh from the UK, just because we had the temerity to vote leave.

The rest of the world is watching from the side lines. Like neighbours watching a husband and wife brawl in the street.

Now is the time to pull together, stop the infighting, and put on a united front. Show the world what makes Britain Great.

Stop this shit shambles now.


It’s Embarrasing

Over 50% of UK citizens, that voted in the referendum, voted leave.

Not what I would call an overwhelming show of hands, but a significant indicator of the way the country was leaning at the time.

This was not a Labour vs Conservative political vote. Not a party political vote.

The result of the referendum was that the conservatives were handed the poison chalice, as they were the party in power.

Not one of the opposition parties have proposed a viable solution to what is a very complex problem. That is because, none of them have a clue as to how Brexit can be made to work cleanly. What they all saw, was a golden opportunity to stick the boot into the conservatives.

All I have heard since then is how the conservatives are selling us down the river, Theresa May should step down, there should be another election … blah blah blah.

Can anyone direct me to where Corbyn has described a viable alternative ? What is the Green solution ?

Instead, Corbyn, and all the other party leaders are sitting back, sowing dissent and waiting for this government to fall flat on its face.

If all these nay sayers believe they have a better solution why haven’t they put forward their ideas. In a non- political way, in a let’s all pull together fashion.

What they should be doing is ensuring that Britain gets the best deal possible. If that means putting party politics aside then they should do it. Recognise the importance of this moment in history and offer their help.

If Britain falls on its face it will be a black mark for all Britain’s political parties. All the back stabbing and infighting has been in full view on an international stage. The political shenanigans have given the world, and especially the EU, more laughs than an evening at The Edinburgh Fringe.

Right now I feel very sad for Britain. Prior to the referendum the British people were lied to by Leavers and Remainers alike. The lies and misinformation have continued since

National pride or rather a form of national pride got us into this mess.

National pride could and should, with all parties pulling together, provide us with a viable solution.

National pride should override all the intra and inter party fighting.

Its time to stop all this political posturing, it’s embarrassing.

Parking at Waterlooville Precinct – What you need to know – The Mayne Blog

Please follow the link below for really useful information regarding Waterlooville parking


Parking at Waterlooville Precinct – What you need to know – The Mayne Blog.

Magistrate accused of damage to cars in Portsmouth !!!

Man faces magistrate accused of damage to cars in Portsmouth – Portsmouth News.

Good Grief !!!

This is the standard of journalism that is deemed acceptable in our local paper ……. ???

Man faces magistrate accused of damage to cars in Portsmouth

I saw this and immediately thought it was an article about a magistrate that had gone on a rampage and about the man that stood up to him.

Even the most basic word processor software has contextual and grammar checking alongside the standard spelling checkers. However, it seems that The News can’t afford to employ staff who can use it.

The following, pulled from the same article, is another example of the awkward phrasing that regularly appears in News articles.

Gavin Knight, 31, of Parade Court, Hilsea, denied to a magistrate damaging the vehicles in Wingfield Street, Turner Road and Watts Road, Portsmouth, on Saturday.

We regularly hear complaints, from employers, that our schools are not supplying new hire candidates with adequate standards of education. Isn’t it about time that our media mouth pieces set a decent example.

Snow lovers leave beauty spot in a mess – Morons

Total bloody morons – Hang Your Heads In Shame

I’m otherwise speechless. No I take that back.

I am gobsmacked and enraged  by some of the comments that have been left on The News website. There are some morons out there that have commented that they are OK with this litter being left behind, as it keeps someone else employed, that this litter being left by “Joe Public” is down to the incompetence of the people who manage this beauty spot.

I’ve no issue with people dropping litter, keeps someone in a job cleaning it up.

that this litter being left by “Joe Public” is down to the incompetence of the people who manage this beauty spot.

Unfortunately this has occurred due to the abject incompetence of those tasked with taking care of the area.

It is attitudes like those that make me ashamed to be English.

How can it possibly be acceptable, to anyone with more than a single brain cell, for anyone to leave a beauty spot in this state.
Snow lovers leave beauty spot in a mess – Environment – Portsmouth News.