Why was I humiliated by Waitrose self-scan check? | Money | The Guardian


Oh diddums. CS of Eastbourne, Get over yourself.

Did they parade you around the store ?

Did they shine a spotlight on you and make all the other shoppers aware ?

I think the real humiliation is that you are so sensitive that you felt the need to publish the episode.

In 1939, I didn’t hear war coming. Now its thundering approach can’t be ignored | Harry Leslie Smith | Opinion | The Guardian


I hear it too. Just hoping I am wrong.

Not A Minute Too Soon


Hooray, and about time too.

In a time where the move is towards a cashless society there should be no surcharge for the use of a card. The credit card companies already charge the card holder and are making billions out of them.

These surcharges are also applied to debit cards by some retailers. My local Chinese Takeaway hits me for a £1 on every debit card transaction.

I know that there is a cost to handling card transactions. How does that compare to the time and effort consumed during cash transactions which have the inevitable end of day cashing up and bank runs. 

Next the retailers, if they can’t charge us for card usage, will begin charging us for handling cash.

Portsmouth QA Hospital – Appalling Service

I am sick to death with the lack of response from the Queen Alexandra Hospital Eye Department, AGAIN.

My wife has been on the phone for over 10 minutes and nobody is picking up, AGAIN.

A few weeks ago, after my wife had been waiting several weeks for an appointment, she tried to phone the outpatients area. After several attempts calling on the designated number, and after I sat with the phone ringing for over 15 minutes, we gave up and resigned ourselves to the fact that we would have to drive to the hospital and visit in person.

The lady we spoke to was very friendly, expressed surprise that the phone wasn’t answered, pointing to the desk immediately behind her and the phone on it. Apparently indicating that it wasn’t out of earshot. She also mentioned that the telephone system allowed for the phone to be in use but would not show that to an external caller, allowing the phone to ring and ring and ring. Really ?

We left with promises of an appointment ringing in our ears.

We did get an appointment and following a session with the consultant another appointment was deemed necessary.

And here we are again waiting on a follow-up appointment. Supposed to have been within four weeks but here we are again, no appointment and having to do the chasing.

In fairness I should say that an appointment was offered following a cancellation, over the phone, but as we were in London my wife was not able to accept, as it was for the following morning. The person on the phone said she would arrange another appointment, but, here we are again still waiting.

Looks like we will have to go through the same cycle AGAIN.

This is appalling service. All my wife wants to do is jog someones memory that she is waiting for an appointment. Same as last time.

We may be retired but that doesn’t mean that we want to spend interminable minutes listening to the ringing tone. Nor does it mean that we enjoy driving up to the hospital, searching for parking spaces and paying the extortionate charges for said spaces.

I have nothing but praise for the medical staff in this hospital but I have to say that the administrative staff leave a lot to be desired.

How hard is it to answer the phone ?

How hard is it to follow-up and do what you said you would do ?