Ski jumpers soar over Hampstead Heath

I stumbled across this article and thought I would share.

The novel idea of importing 45 tons of snow, 25 Norwegian skiers and building an almost full sized ski jump obviously gave Londoners something to gawp at back in 1950, although I can’t imagine why the event was originally proposed. Perhaps the words of a “spokesmen” give us a clue

An official said of the event, “This exhibition has been such an unqualified success that we are very much hoping it will become one of the country’s major sporting features.”

Maybe there were some pretensions that London could host the Winter Olympics. Is this where Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards gained inspiration ?

BBC ON THIS DAY | 25 | 1950: Ski jumpers soar over Hampstead Heath.

Malaysian F1 – Podium

Look at the faces. 1st and 2nd place holders Alonso and Perez are beaming away. What is wrong with Hamilton. He has a podium position. I know its not what should have been but come on Lewis crack a smile.

Sergio Perez has done so well today and it shows on his face. There will be one hell of a party tonight.

Hamilton has left the podium while Perez and Alonso are still out celebrating, what is that all about

Dream Race For Sergio

Sergio Perez is having the drive of his life.

Listening to the team radio it would seem that his team are prepared to bank the points that he appears to have in the bag. They should just let him get on, and keep doing what he has been doing all afternoon.

Its a shame that he ran wide so he has to hunt down Alonso again.

Only 4 laps to go. He can still take Alonso

Supermarket products get smaller, but the prices don’t – Underhand Actions Of Manufacturers

I have long felt that some of the items I have bought, during my weekly shop, have been shrinking. Now the weight of the consumer group Which has been brought to bear and guess what they have found.

It’s true. The products that we are buying are indeed shrinking while the prices remain the same or, in some cases, have actually gone up.

I believe that Which are right, that manufacturers must be forced to provide unit pricing so that we the consumers can really see what we are paying for.

Supermarket producers get smaller, but the prices don’t | Mail Online.