Happy Birthday Roger – Supertramper

Roger Hodgson celebrates his 62nd birthday today. Founder member of Supertramp, one of the best “progressive” rock bands to come out of the UK, he was born in Portsmouth in 1950.

Hodgson composed and sang on most of their hits including Dreamer, The Logical Song and Breakfast in America.

Happy Birthday Roger

Supertramp musician born in city.

View From The Conservatory

This Chinook crossed the skies yesterday. As you can see the sky was a dull grey at the time. 24 hours later and the sun is shining, the sky is blue and look what I can see today.
This is Masher, showing his metal to the nettle….. he used to live in our kitchen but we caught him scratching at the inside of our stainless steel saucepans. Apart from the appearance we were a bit concerned about the shards of metal turning up with our bangers ‘n’ mash. So he was relegated to the garden.

Ever one for surrounding himself with the bright young things of the world he is surrounded by spring flora. So a few variety of Primula ……

……  and Magnolia ….








All being watched over by Chime the friendly cat ….