MoD set for U-turn on navy’s new fast jets

Due to mismanagement by both the previous and current governments, we have witnessed the systematic reduction of our military to a second-rate force on the world stage.

Now they, our current government, are demonstrating that they are hell-bent on delivering second-rate aircraft to the Royal Navy. These aircraft are to be used on the yet to be completed aircraft carriers.

Defence secretary Philip Hammond is expected to announce the UK will revert back to the jump-jet F-35B version of the US-built F-35 planes as opposed to the carrier variant F-35C which was the preferred option in the 2010 defence review.

In 2010, the government said Labour’s original choice of the F-35Bs was an ‘error’ it was ‘determined’ to rectify.

But it now appears the navy will have the shorter-range and less capable aircraft after all.

Why did our government not pay heed to their advisors that were clamoring to keep our carriers at sea using the Harriers as a stop-gap until we actually had a working fleet ?

All this chopping and changing in strategy will end up costing the UK many millions of excess charges and all to provide a less capable Royal Navy.
MoD set for U-turn on navy’s new fast jets – Local – The News.