Carriers ‘may have no jets until 2025’ – Britains Shame

The labour government sold this country down the pan and our current government isn’t doing anything to stop things going from bad to worse.

It is no wonder that the likes of Argentina are playing silly buggers by turning away British cruise ships and any ships flying the Falklands flag. This is what they did when, under Maggie’s government, they thought that Britain couldn’t reach them militarily.

Here we are, once the greatest sea power on the planet, reduced to a toothless second-rate nation.

There have been many warnings by folks far better qualified than me. Yet the British government takes no notice.

We are going to have two new aircraft carriers but no aircraft to put on them. The aircraft that were planned to be used are “not fit for purpose” as, due to a design fault, they cannot be landed on an aircraft carrier. At least the government could have kept the Harrier but apparently our planes have been sold off “cheap” to the US. Surely the fact that they wanted to buy them should have said something to our government.

How can anyone one allow us to end up in this situation. We have no carriers until 2020 and no aircraft to populate them until 2025.

Our government, both Labour and our current unholy alliance, should hang their heads in shame. They have not served the British people as they deserve.

Carriers ‘may have no jets until 2025’ – Local – The News.