Well Done Pierre Gasly

Well deserved.

And what a boost for F1 with all the young guns up on the podium.

We need more races like this. Turned a typical Hamilton dominated parade into an exciting race.

Whoohoo !!!

Michael Schumacher

44 year old Michael Schumacher, multiple Formula 1 World Champion, is in a critical condition after suffering a severe head injury in a fall while skiing at a French resort yesterday.

I am hoping for a positive outcome and my thoughts are with his family at this time.


Presenting the steering wheel of Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull Racing RB8

Gosh. I thought I had it tough trying to cope with my Renault Megane steering wheel and stalk controls. Just, the speed limiter/cruise control options on the wheel supplemented by the phone/entertainment controls on the stalk. Oh and then there is the satnav controls adjacent to the manual gearstick (just the six).



Button Functions

✿ DIF → Adjust the behaviour of the differential

✿ N → Puts gearbox into neutral

✿ RADIO → Push to talk to the team

✿ X → Sets a marker in the telemetry to indicate a problem is encountered

✿ DRINK → Push to drink

✿ DEFAULT → Reset certain settings to their original values

✿ TYRE → Driver adjust this knob to tell the team about the tires and adjust electronics to suit different tires

✿ KERS → Select KERS settings

✿ CLUTCH → Select clutch adjustment

✿ MIX → Change engine’s mixture settings

✿ FW. EN → Tells the team if there’s a need to change front flaps angle

✿ REV → Allow more engine revs to pass another car

✿ OIL → Activates supplementary oil tank for engine

✿ OK → Driver acknowledge if radio does not work

✿ FAIL → Command all systems…

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The World of F1 Bids Farewell To The “Prof”

On September 12th, at the age of 84, Sid Watkins, the world-renowned neurosurgeon has died after suffering a heart attack.

The world of motor sport and in particular  Formula One bids farewell to the former medical delegate.

Watkins was the on-track surgeon for 26 years from 1978 through to 2004, with his crusade to improve medical facilities in Formula One helping to dramatically cut the number of deaths and serious injuries in the sport
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/formulaone/article-2202554/Sid-Watkins-dies-tributes-pour-F1-surgeon.html#ixzz26MdVppLI

Following Watkins retirement Max Mosley said

Professor Watkins has made a unique contribution to improving the standards of safety and medical intervention throughout motor sport.

Many drivers probably owe their lives to the Prof, both to his efforts as a first responder on the circuits and to the improvements that he instigated. Amongst those he helped to save are Gerhard Berger, Martin Donnelly, Érik Comas, Mika Häkkinen, Rubens Barrichello and Karl Wendlinger.

Watkins was married with six children and my thoughts are with his family.

Spa – Terrifying Crash

We witnessed today what for Formula 1 must have been one of the most terrifying crashes of the sport.

Todays chaos was, seemingly initiated by GrosJean who cut across the circuit at the start of the race. This action resulted in him squeezing then colliding with Hamilton who had nowhere to go. From that point on Grosjean’s Lotus became air borne, took off and crashed across Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari. Sergio Perez in a Sauber was also taken out in the carnage. We have to be thankful that all came out of this with perhaps just some serious bruises. A tribute to the safety that is built into these cars.

I have no doubt that Grosjean is solely responsible for an avoidable incident that not only spoilt the race aspirations of Hamilton and Alonso but also caused unnecessary risk to life and limb in what is already a dangerous sport. I believe that he should receive some kind of censure from the race officials and the FIA.

You can view the incident at the following link:

BBC Sport – Formula 1 – Spectacular crash causes chaos at Belgian GP.

Sunday Stress

Will need to break out the Tamazapam tomorrow.

Formula 1 at Silverstone with Button and Hamilton and Tennis at Wimbledon with Murray in the final, both on tomorrow afternoon.

So many Brit sportsman to support. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stand the stress levels. Good job I have some nails to bite.

Congratulations Pastor / Happy Birthday Frank

Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado drove a mature race to win the Spanish Grand Prix

and deliver Sir Frank Williams his best ever birthday present.

Even though it is only Maldonado’s second season in F1, he managed to maintain his composure, despite being placed under immense pressure from Alonso during the final stages of the race.

He gets my vote for “Man of the Race”

Now he needs to carry the momentum forward to the next race which is the

Monaco Grand Prix

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