View From The Conservatory

I was both astounded and disappointed to discover that my last “View” was posted just over a year ago. I know that we have been busy and there have been other more recent posts. Admittedly, the conservatory has been rebuilt and we did take off to Australia for three months followed by a month in… Continue reading View From The Conservatory

Conservatory Re-Build – The Latest

Sorry I haven’t posted recently. The good news is that the rebuild has been completed. Sadly the last few bits and pieces needed to seal the completion took much longer than either we or Executive would have liked. The main issue was with getting hold of some of the trades folk, breaking them out from… Continue reading Conservatory Re-Build – The Latest

View From The Conservatory

For several weeks now I haven’t posted any “views”. Due in part to the demolition and rebuild of our conservatory. The process of this resurrection is something that I have been boring you with for seven weeks or more. So today I thought it is time I reinstated my “View from the conservatory” posts, triggered… Continue reading View From The Conservatory

Conservatory Rebuild – Days 35 thru 37

Not much happening since Saturday. Craig and Connor arrived mid afternoon with a barrow load of ready mixed cement and set about laying the final steps and reinstating the side access slabs. Since then the weather has been atrocious with heavy tropical style rainstorms. Yesterday, the final slabs were laid. However, the heavens opened and… Continue reading Conservatory Rebuild – Days 35 thru 37

Conservatory Rebuild – Day 34

Day 34 and a bonus day. We had 3 tradesmen working today which was a pleasant surprise since this is Saturday. Richard, the painter, turned up to add a second coat to the walls and perimeter ceiling and to put a finish coat to the hidey / slidey door. He was also able to put… Continue reading Conservatory Rebuild – Day 34

Conservatory Rebuild – Day 32

Work is proceeding at quite a good pace now and this was one of those days when the changes are significant and obvious. The tiling in the utility room is complete and what a difference it has made. Still to be given a final clean and buff but the transition is fantastic. Still have the… Continue reading Conservatory Rebuild – Day 32