View From The Conservatory

Our New Neighbour, Blue Tit
Our New Neighbour, Blue Tit


We put this bird box up last year, well after normal nesting season.

The Wrong Type Of Feather ?
The Wrong Type Of Feather ?


So you can imagine how chuffed we are that we have new tenants in the first year since we opened for business.

Geronimo - Blue Tit
Geronimo – Blue Tit


We have been watching them coming and going for quite a few days. The photo shows the removal of what must be the “wrong” type of feather. 

Can’t wait to see the young when they emerge..

Plumbing New Depths

Received an e-mail with the following photo’s attached. The e-mail claims that they are from Mexico.

Wherever, I don’t feel quite so bad about my own DIY plumbing results.

Anyone out there have any evidence of more outrageous installations ?

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