Flaming June

The month of June is quite often referred to as “Flaming June”. Depending on the weather this can be either a positive description or a negative one. This year I believe this description would be delivered as a positive. The weather has been predominantly good, much to the benefit of the roses. Here are a… Continue reading Flaming June

View From The Conservatory

I was both astounded and disappointed to discover that my last “View” was posted just over a year ago. I know that we have been busy and there have been other more recent posts. Admittedly, the conservatory has been rebuilt and we did take off to Australia for three months followed by a month in… Continue reading View From The Conservatory

View From The Conservatory

“Spring” The skies of steel and fields white with frost Are memories of yesterday And white scarecrow children search the hedgerows … and splash Through muddy pools for secrets … the spirit of the spring, With the sunbeams on her hair … shakes the sleeping earth … And with the pilgrim by her side …… Continue reading View From The Conservatory

Blenheim, Bampton and Burford

Earlier in the year, we had the rellies over from Oz. During their stay we traveled up to visit Blenheim Palace, stayed overnight in Woodstock and did a small vaguely Downton Abbey related tour of the locale. The following are a few photo’s taken over the weekend. Bampton Bampton in Oxfordshire is the “real” name of … Continue reading Blenheim, Bampton and Burford

View From The Conservatory

Well not really. It’s been too hot to sit in the conservatory, other than late at night and then you can’t see anything. In fact the conservatory, at night ,used to freak out my granddaughter because she couldn’t see if anyone was looking in. With the lights on the windows pretty much turn into mirrors.… Continue reading View From The Conservatory