View From The Conservatory

Well, not really the view from the conservatory. More about what’s been happening in the garden, supported by a couple of photo’s. We have had a couple of really nice days, blue skies and sunshine that have spurred us on to set about tidying up the garden. Not of course without having a spot of… Continue reading View From The Conservatory

It’s All Ours

Whooohooo !!! As of today we now own our home. What I mean by that is we have paid the final installments of our mortgage. This is just about a year ahead of the target date and all made possible by retiring and grabbing my pension pot. Of course, that’s not the whole story, as… Continue reading It’s All Ours

Early Days

Yesterday was the first day (officially) of my retirement. However, it was not totally disassociated from work, as there was to be an official luncheon. The IBM Hursley clubhouse had put on a beautiful spread for the buffet and I thank them for that. There weren’t as many attendees as might have been, had I… Continue reading Early Days

And So The Journey Begins

One of the major topics of conversation during the latter weeks of 2014, for me at least, has been retirement. In June of this year I will achieve the grand old age of 63. This is significant, as that is the target retirement age defined in all my company pension bumf. I started with the… Continue reading And So The Journey Begins