Conservatory Rebuild – Days 35 thru 37

Not much happening since Saturday. Craig and Connor arrived mid afternoon with a barrow load of ready mixed cement and set about laying the final steps and reinstating the side access slabs. Since then the weather has been atrocious with heavy tropical style rainstorms. Yesterday, the final slabs were laid. However, the heavens opened and to quote the song “Down came the rain”. The side access has always turned into a water chute during stormy weather, so much so that we have considered making into a water feature. Yesterday was no exception.

Conservatory - Side access slabs and some erosion from the water that fell from the sky
Conservatory – Side access slabs and some erosion from the water that fell from the sky

There was so much rain water and the cement was so fresh that the last paver laid has shifted. The guys will have to come back and re-lay it, when we have a dry day. Then they can also grout the slabs on the steps.

Also putting in an appearance yesterday was Angus.

Conservatory - Door stay fitted.
Conservatory – Door stay fitted.

He arrived and fitted the “stay” for the utility room door as well as making good the soffit that had been cut away to make the connection between the bungalow and the new conservatory.

We are creeping towards completion.

The search for the Scarlett Pimpernel goes on unabated and needless to say we are still minus the radiator for the living space, which in turn is preventing the last strip of skirting from being fitted. The bi-fold doors are still missing their magnetic catch, as well as the last bit of rubber seal and the hidey / slidey door furniture is still to be fitted.

We also have some issues with the final finish of some of the plasterwork around the perimeter ceiling but these are all minor items and shouldn’t take long to sort out.

No, the big issue, and the worst irritant is the missing radiator !!

Conservatory Rebuild – Day 31

So here we are, Day 31 and various signs of progress to report.

The outer garage wall and “verges” have been made good so we are truly weather-proof now.

Conservatory - Garage wall and roof "verge" have been made good.
Conservatory – Garage wall and roof “verge” have been made good.

The, original, grotty old bit of timber has been replaced by bricks and looks much, much better. The edge of the roof, “verge”, has also been made good. Verge was a term that until now I had only ever associated with the grassy edging along road sides. It appears it is also a term used to describe roof edging, presumably when there are no overhanging eaves, as is the case with our house.

When taking these pictures I did note that the end cap is missing from the plastic sill.

Unable to proceed with the tiling in the utility area Craig has made himself busy in other areas. The access point for the running gear of the “hidey / slidey” door now has a new removable cover.

Conservatory - "hidey / slidey" door now has a cover for the running gear access.
Conservatory – “hidey / slidey” door now has a cover for the running gear access.

By the way, “hidey / slidey” is my term to describe the door and its ability to hide inside the wall. I was advised yesterday that the correct term is “Pocket Door” and although it does describe nature of the door I think I will stick with my descriptor.

Also a new step has been constructed for inside the garage.

Conservatory - New garage step
Conservatory – New garage step

This step is needed since we have raised the floor in the conservatory to match the floor level in the house. This in turn required the garage door to be lifted making the step down into the garage quite large. The step will make the transition much safer and of course easier on my ageing legs.

Late in the day there was much rejoicing as a plumber appeared. Although not, it transpired, to do all the works on which we are waiting. However, this is a major achievement.

Conservatory - Plumbing for the washing machine.
Conservatory – Plumbing for the washing machine.

We now have a water supply and waste pipe for the washing machine. Unfortunately, nobody informed the plumber that the spec also called for an outside tap. Which meant that he had to modify his newly installed pipe-work. Still we have moved ahead and although the outside tap isn’t fitted there is access, outside, to water for cement and tile adhesive mixing.

Conservatory - Plumbing for the outside tap
Conservatory – Plumbing for the outside tap

Also delivered today was the glazing frame to cap off the partition wall …..

Conservatory - Partition wall glazing frame.
Conservatory – Partition wall glazing frame.

A truck also arrived to deliver the timber for the decking ….

Conservatory - Decking kit
Conservatory – Decking kit

Looks a bit like a flat pack from Ikea although I don’t think it includes any instructions. This should be the last of the large material deliveries. Speaking to my neighbour, he has observed the expressions of the various delivery drivers as take note of the curve in the communal driveway and the overhanging trees. They have all managed to make it onto the drive and to escape afterwards so it can’t be that bad.

With all of todays activities I think the light at the end of the tunnel is burning a little brighter. Lets just hope it’s not an express train heading this way.

Conservatory Rebuild – Day 30 ?

Seem to have lost count of the days since this began. I believe this is Day 30, only counting week days and allowing for the August Bank Holiday.

The end is in sight but there is still much to do.

Conservatory - Tiles down and grouted.
Conservatory – Tiles down and grouted.

Laying of the floor tiles has continued and the living room floor area is now complete and grouted.

Conservatory - Tiles down and grouted.
Conservatory – Tiles down and grouted.

Just needs for the tiles to be cleaned and buffed.

Conservatory - Tiles down and grouted.
Conservatory – Tiles down and grouted.

Oh, I forgot that the skirting boards and radiator are still to be fitted.

The lack of plumbing support is becoming an irritant now we have been six weeks without laundry facilities. We are farming our dirty laundry out to family members which is all well and good and we thank them for their support but it isn’t the same as having your own facilities readily accessible.

Forgetting about our personal needs lack of plumbing is now blocking the tile laying in the utility area. If the plumbers were to come and just bring the cold water supply up above floor lever with a service valve then the tiling could proceed.

I could do it myself but two things prevent me from jumping in and doing the job. Firstly I am paying for this work to be done. Secondly, and more importantly, I want the work carried out by a professional person who will be accountable should any problems occur in the future. All in all this is very frustrating.

In addition the lack of a water supply means that the guys are reliant on using our kitchen sink for water to mix cement, tile adhesive etc. etc. With the best will in the world it still means dirt and grime is carried into the house.

The plumbers were supposed to arrive Monday afternoon and / or Tuesday morning. Well here we are on Wednesday morning and still no-show.

Watch this space.

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