Youngest person in UK convicted of terrorism offence can go free

BBC News – Youngest person in UK convicted of terrorism offence can go free – Parole Board

This just beggars belief, and confirms that the law is an ass.

It won’t be the parole board that will reap the results if his alleged rehabilitation is a sham.

I just hope this doesn’t come back to bite us.

Justice At Last

Teenagers convicted of terrorism in England and Wales could receive whole-life terms under sentencing reforms described by the government as the most radical in almost 20 years.

We are taught, at a very young age, the difference between right and wrong. We know what is the moral thing to do.

Terrorism is wrong. We all know that.

Therefore it is right that terrorists of any age are punished for their actions.

I truly hope that the government pushes ahead with these changes to suitably punish all terrorists and child killers.

Remember 9/11

For the husband who told his wife he loved her before his plane went down in a field. For the wife who stopped in the stairs to call her husband to say she will love him forever. For the mothers and fathers who kissed their kids goodbye that morning for the last time. For the policemen, firemen, and other rescue workers who rushed in to help others and lost their lives. For the soldiers who fought back and made the ultimate sacrifice. Today, tomorrow, we will forever remember them ❤️9/11 – where were you when you heard the devastating news in 2001?


Justice – Of a sort

Well as near to justice as we can expect in this country.

Hashem Abedi along with his brother Salman, are the cowardly murderers of 22 people at the Manchester Arena in 2017.

Yesterday Hashem Abedi was sentenced at the Old Bailey, for his part in the atrocity, to be detained for a minimum of 55 years.

Abedi, a coward from the start, left his brother, Salman Abedi, to carry out the attack. He fled to Libya before the attack. And when it came down to it he refused to leave his cell at the Old Bailey, wouldn’t even face the families of his victims, for sentencing.

Some will be calling for the return of the death penalty. I would join that call. However, it would not help those that are left behind. 55 years is justice of a sort as it is likely that Abedi will remain incarcerated for the rest of his life.

But, there can never really be justice as the friends and families of the dead and injured, will have to live with the results of the Abedi brothers actions, for the rest of their lives.