How Winter Road has changed in the last 80 years

I lived in Winter Road, 43 years ago, when I moved to Pompey to start my Fitter and Turner apprenticeship. I was sharing digs there, with a number of other dockyard apprentices, for just over a year before moving on to a new place in St. Davids Road.

What is amazing is the lack of motor vehicles in the photo accompanying the article in the News.

How Winter Road has changed in the last 80 years – Remember When – Portsmouth News.

My Broken Bones

I was really proud of the fact that I have not had to spend any time in hospital, for me that is. I have been many times as the supervising adult or visiting friends and relatives. However, in my latter years ….

Vortex Sports

To my knowledge I have only broken two bones in my body. Once through getting up in the middle of the night to relieve myself but moving too much before the heart was aware I was up and moving. i.e. my blood pressure was too low. I blacked out in the john and hit a metal waste bin with my face. As a direct result my nose is now out of true. The second time was through catching one of those "vortex" mini rugby / aussie rules / american football things with like a dart tail on the end. My grandson (aussie rules player) threw this thing way up in the sky. They make a noise and this one was shrieking like a banshee. I went to catch it and fumbled it. Didn't know it at the time but a week or so later when I was back in the UK I visited the doctor who told me I had "mallet" finger which has resulted in a swan neck deformity of my finger. In english, I had caused a small piece of bone, where the tendon that straightens your fingers is attached, to become detached. This condition is really annoying as you catch your finger in all manner of stupid places. The quacks had me keep my finger in a splint for many weeks and it is now as straight as it is ever going to be.

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Ha Ha Missed Me

Just come home after picking my wife up from work.

The blue meanies are working Frendstaple Road, at the entrance to Woods Edge,  close to home with a hand-held speed trap.

Sorry but I was on the wrong side of the road, sneaking up behind him.

Phew !!!

View From The Conservatory

Fox In The Garden – July 2007

My lucky day today.

I had just gone to look out the window when I spotted a movement behind the Buddleia. Out strolled an adult fox.

Not your usual reddish brown this one. No, he was more your builders sand in colour with a dark. almost black, stripe saddling his nose.

So he took a quick look around then, deciding the coast was clear, he ambled across the lawn looking from side to side until he disappeared past the apple tree.

I am glad that they are still around. I hadn’t seen the foxes about for sometime. The picture above was taken five years ago.

RIP Jon Lord – The Original Highway Star

Jon Lord, founder member of Deep Purple, died yesterday after losing his fight against Pancreatic Cancer.

Johns keyboard playing provided the backcloth and some times the lead for Deep Purples distinctive sound. His Hammond organ sound was a key component and counterpoint to Ritchie Blackmores guitar playing.

Besides playing with Deep Purple Jon  was part of Whitesnake and the collaboration Paice, Ashton & Lord. He also appears on, or is credited on,  recordings by many well know artists including David Gilmour, The Kinks, George Harrison, Sam Brown and Nazareth to name but a few. We should not omit the many solo and orchestral works that he has created over the years.

I was priveleged to see Jon Playing as part of the Purple incarnation that also featured Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice and Ritchie Blackmore when they played Portsmouth Guildhall (9 February 1971). A stunning show featuring stunning musicians.

The music world has lost a great talent but his legacy will play on.

Happy Birthday Woody

Woody Guthrie that is.

Woody died back in 1967. Had he been around today he would have been 100 years old.

He was nicknamed the “Dust Bowl Troubador” and wrote “This Land Is Your Land”, the iconic American folk song. This was just one of the 3000 plus songs and stories that he wrote over a period of about 15 years. Despite his prolific out pourings his commercial career was not to be a long one. He spent most of his latter years in hospital and died of Huntingtons Disease.

Another relatively well known song, written by Guthrie and covered by Lonnie Donegan is “Grand Coulee Dam”.

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