Police want to contact girl about Waterlooville attack – Local – Portsmouth News

I’m plagiarising the whole article from the news in order to help spread the word. We don’t need this sort of activity in Waterlooville.


POLICE have released an e-fit image of a teenage girl they want to speak to about an attack on a couple in Waterlooville.

An 18-year-old man was walking with woman through an alleyway from Stakes Hill Road to Purbrook Way when he was sprayed in the face by a teenage boy who was passing by with a teenage girl. Some of the spray also went in the woman’s face.

The girl is white, about 18 and has a boyish pixie haircut with dyed blonde hair. She was on a bicycle.

She also had arched and thin plucked eyebrows and at the time of the incident she had black eyeliner on both eyelids drawn to a point at the outside corners. The offender is white, of medium build with short, dark hair. Det Con Pete Budgen said: ‘This type of assault is thankfully rare. It was a mindless and unprovoked incident. The couple who sprayed the substance may have thought it was a joke, however the consequences could have been more serious.’

Anyone with information can call 101.

Police want to contact girl about Waterlooville attack – Local – Portsmouth News.

Pininfarina Dies

Iconic car designer Sergio Pininfarina has died, so says an article published by Reuters.

Sergio Pininfarina, whose family company designed almost every Ferrari since the 1950s and whose name is still synonymous with some of the world’s most glamorous cars, has died aged 85.

The company said on Tuesday he died overnight in his Turin home.

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