Kalbarri WA

On arriving at Kalbarri we managed to locate our accommodation, despite the best efforts of our sat-nav which was intent on sending us off-road again. We were also confused by the name of the motel. All of my paperwork from the booking referred to Kalbarri Reef Villas. On the same street we found Kalbarri Seafront… Continue reading Kalbarri WA

Lunatic Driver

Yesterday I was driving down the A3(M), sitting in the outside lane bringing up the rear of a small convoy, doing just under 70mph when this tosser in a green Ford Focus came hurtling up behind me. He then proceeded to tailgate me trying to push me to go faster. He did this despite the… Continue reading Lunatic Driver

How Winter Road has changed in the last 80 years

I lived in Winter Road, 43 years ago, when I moved to Pompey to start my Fitter and Turner apprenticeship. I was sharing digs there, with a number of other dockyard apprentices, for just over a year before moving on to a new place in St. Davids Road. What is amazing is the lack of… Continue reading How Winter Road has changed in the last 80 years