Women help make history at Portsmouth Dockyard

I was an apprentice in Portsmouth Dockyard when the girls in the photograph joined. There used to be two entries a year and they were one or two behind my entry. I met them though, a few months after that photo. They came to the machine shop where I was on my second stint I believe.

Mary Bromley, Mary Malloy, Susan Wright, Vivien Hurage and Barbara Arnold. I wonder where they are now ?

How many of them completed the apprenticeship and how many continued along their chosen career path at the end of training ?

If anyone knows, please let me know.

Women help make history at Portsmouth Dockyard – Remember When – Portsmouth News.

Fury as lorries park up in lane as work on new estate begins

Do you suppose the developers and planners factor in the misery that residents have to endure when a new development gets underway ?

The additional noise levels, the additional traffic, the dirt and dust that finds its way inside your house and the dirt and mud that is spread along the adjacent roads.

Its a fact of life that you have to consider if you move into a house on an incomplete development.

Its a totally alien concept if you happen to be living in an established environment.

Perhaps there should be a form of compensation that is paid to locals whose lives are disrupted for the duration of the development. A sliding scale based on proximity to the centre point of the development with additional payments based on your living on the main access route. This payment would be funded by the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) charged on new development land.

Somehow I can’t see that idea catching on anytime soon.

Fury as lorries park up in lane as work on new estate begins – Environment – Portsmouth News.

Plumbing New Depths

Received an e-mail with the following photo’s attached. The e-mail claims that they are from Mexico.

Wherever, I don’t feel quite so bad about my own DIY plumbing results.

Anyone out there have any evidence of more outrageous installations ?