Women help make history at Portsmouth Dockyard

I was an apprentice in Portsmouth Dockyard when the girls in the photograph joined. There used to be two entries a year and they were one or two behind my entry. I met them though, a few months after that photo. They came to the machine shop where I was on my second stint I believe.

Mary Bromley, Mary Malloy, Susan Wright, Vivien Hurage and Barbara Arnold. I wonder where they are now ?

How many of them completed the apprenticeship and how many continued along their chosen career path at the end of training ?

If anyone knows, please let me know.

Women help make history at Portsmouth Dockyard – Remember When – Portsmouth News.

5 thoughts on “Women help make history at Portsmouth Dockyard”

  1. I was an electrical apprentice in the same entry as the ladies above – Mary (she is the one on the far right) was a good mate and had a great sense of humour – I often wonder what happened to her.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Took a look at your website too, liked the quote from “The Weavers Answer”. They were one of my favourite bands of the time. I believe Roger Chapman is still touring with The Shortlist. Did we ever meet ? I knew someone with the Timms surname, used to go to Portsmouth Polytechnic. Unfortunately I can’t remember the first name….40 + years ago…!!

      1. Good pick up on the Family quote – I still enjoy all Family and Roger Chapman music – saw Family at the IOW festival. I went to the Highbury college somewhere near Cosham as part of the apprenticeship. We recently went to the UK and visited the Dockyard – saw the apprenticeship museum and the section on female apprentices which mentions the girls in my ‘intake’ – thought I would follow through.

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