View From The Conservatory

Today I ventured out into the garden. Thought it was probably safe since the rain and the winds had subsided. The sky is still very grey but all the plants are looking very lush. So here is a sampling from the Wrantz Estate.

The first offering is one of the thousands of Aquilegia that grow in our garden. As soon as they go to seed I shake the pods all around so they pop up in the most surprising places.

The next is just a little humour. This game of chequers has been on the go for several years or perhaps they are just trying to out stare each other.

The Long Game
The Long Game

Gardens are for fun. I’m certain these two are enjoying themselves.

Let's Play Leap Frog

And last of all, for the moment, is this plant which grows in my neighbour’s garden but shares the colours, shapes and style with us by hanging over the fence. Delightful. Just one problem, I don’t know what it is. It does look a bit like Holly though.

Anyone out there know what it is ?

What Is This ?
What Is This ?

You can just see the leaf shape which is very much like a Holly Leaf. Answers on a post card……

More “Penny Mordaunt” Headline Grabbing

In these austere times it is so good to know that Ms. Mordaunt has the time to devote to fighting the ivory trade.

Portsmouth North’s Penny Mordaunt has pledging her support for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)’s campaign to protect elephants from poachers.

Don’t take this the wrong way. I too am against the ivory trade that is based on such cruelty. There are however more important, local, issues that Penny Mordaunt could and should be focussed on.

She said: ‘We must take the lead in the international community to stop elephants dying to fuel the ivory trade.

I believe this country has been a long time supporter of the fight against animal cruelty in general and this cruel crime in particular. Many members of the general public already contribute to various funds and charities.

What the cynics amongst us don’t need is our local MPs jumping on various emotive bandwagons to up their public profiles on the run up to local elections.

Portsmouth North MP backs anti-ivory trade campaign – Environment – Portsmouth News.