Waterlooville Wally Of The Week Award

A few posts ago I introduced the Waterlooville Wally Of The Week Award

Well I have a new candidate, Bradley Woodacre.

Woodacre, of Boxwood Close, Waterlooville, who has a string of previous convictions for driving offences, later admitted dangerous driving and driving while disqualified and without insurance

So he drives while disqualified and obviously that means no insurance but he doesn’t have the brain cells to drive quietly. No he drives like a total twat and then wrecks the car.

Father-to-be Bradley Woodacre was driving a Volkswagen Golf while disqualified when he narrowly avoided hitting a 13-year-old boy on a bike and a Peugeot 307.

Woodacre then lost control of the car, which a witness claimed was travelling at up to 70mph in a 30mph zone in Park Avenue, Widley.

The Golf mounted the kerb and ploughed through a fence and a brick wall before flipping on to its side and hitting a van parked in a driveway outside a house.

Him and his mate do a runner. When later interviewed by the police he denied driving the car. Seems like the fashion police were out to get him to. Not showing exactly the height of sartorial elegance his attire let him down.

Daniel Sawyer, prosecuting, said: ‘Unfortunately for Woodacre, CCTV from a petrol station showed him filling up that car that morning, wearing the pink or peach-coloured top and the red shorts described by the witnesses.’

Woodacre was sentenced to 18 months in jail and banned from driving for five years. At least while he is locked up we can assume he won’t be on the roads. However his previous record shows that he is unlikely to heed the driving ban.

What compounds this piece of driving is the fact that you are no stranger to these courts and in particular you are no stranger to the offence of bad driving.

‘You are a man now of 23 but you have been before these courts on 11 occasions for 23 convictions.’

On this basis alone, Bradley Woodacre, I award you the “Waterlooville Wally Of The Week Award”

‘Appalling’ Waterlooville driver handed 15-month prison sentence – Local – Portsmouth News.

It’s Polling Day !!!

The News, our local rag, has run an article imploring us to use our votes.

If you asked me, I would only be able to name two of our local councillors and only one for my own electoral ward.

The local candidate is Margaret Beauvoisin. I have never seen her, she certainly hasn’t come knocking at my door. Nor have any of her supporters.

So how do I know that she exists ?

Well someone stuck a screwed up leaflet through my letter box and I have read it.

I would have enjoyed the opportunity to discuss with her the issues that are important to me i.e. the slow death of Waterlooville Town Centre. I would have enjoyed the opportunity to discuss how she believes the further annexing of the Town Centre, by pushing additional commercial enterprise into the West Of Waterlooville development zone, is going to be

an asset to our town

Lifted from her leaflet.

Well at least I got a leaflet from the Labour candidate. Haven’t heard a dickie bird from any of the others.

So The News wants us to

Please make sure you have your say at the ballot box

Will there be an option that allows me to say that I have no idea what any of my local candidates stand for ?

Oh, at the beginning of this post I said I could name two local councilors.

The other was Penny Mordaunt and I know she stands for elephants.

‘Please make sure you have your say at the ballot box’ – Local – Portsmouth News.