Pump Madness

This is ridiculous.

I have a trip planned for the weekend, going to visit my sister up in Hastings. That’s a round trip of 180 miles. With some additional miles around the Hastings area I would expect that to go up to perhaps 220 miles. According the electronic brain in my car I have around 300 miles worth of fuel. So I should be able to get there and back no problem.

However, I don’t like to take the tank down to the dregs so I would normally top up the tank before I set out. If I head into a garage on my way out on Saturday I’ll get lumped in with the mindless lemmings that are jamming up the garage forecourts.

These idiots are the same folks who clear the supermarket shelves of bread and milk whenever there is a hint of snow down here in the south of England. One of the comments to the attached article suggests that with all these folks sucking up all the fuel, the delivery trucks will run dry. As a result there will be no food in the stores.

I’m heading down to ASDA, use some of my precious fuel, so I can stock up before the shelves are empty.

LIVE: Pump Watch web chat – Local Business – The News.

One thought on “Pump Madness

  1. A mate of mine has a second car that’s he’s working on in the hope of doing some rallying. He needed to get some petrol in it to take it to the garage for some work to be done. We had a good old laugh about the fact that he’d have to go to the petrol station and fill up a jerry can. He wasn’t looking forward to it very much. He already held quite a derisive view of the panic stricken fools desperately queuing so he didn’t relish the prospect of looking the most paranoid out of the lot of them!

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