Earlier this year I took a bit of a trip down memory lane and somehow ended up in the Sussex village of Brede. Now Brede is just a couple of miles up the road from my home in Westfield, another Sussex village. My mates and I used to take off on our bikes, with our… Continue reading Giants

Mindless Vandalism

Another example of the mindless perpetrating the unbelievable against the defenseless. Vandals trashed the South Street centre by breaking furniture, smashing crockery and throwing soil from plants over the floor. They made holes in the walls, broke windows and pulled things from shelves. I can never understand the mentality of the people who carry out… Continue reading Mindless Vandalism

South Parade Pier At Risk

South Parade Pier’s owners face liquidation over unpaid energy bills. The danger is if the owners of the pier have to close it down due to lack of income then the real rot will set in. All the while the pier is in active use there is a chance for it to be maintained and… Continue reading South Parade Pier At Risk

Southsea Pier Safety – The Unbalanced View

How can you ban the general public from the pier on safety grounds but then still allow anglers access Surely it is either safe or unsafe. Or does the couple of quid charged to the anglers really make everything all right ? Its time that some form of national funding was put in place to… Continue reading Southsea Pier Safety – The Unbalanced View

Hastings / Bodiam

Saturday Afternoon A weekend in Hastings to celebrate my sister’s birthday was never going to be quiet but we had a cracking time. Saturday was not  very nice weather wise, grey and cool. It didn’t matter much since we spent some time wandering down George Street browsing the shop windows  until we met up with… Continue reading Hastings / Bodiam

Did Chas Hodges Pull A Rabbit Out Of His Hat ?

On Saturday evening my wife and I, along with my sister, visited the White Rock Theatre in Hastings.  The entertainment for the evening was to be Chas Hodges, he of Chas & Dave fame. The theatre was nowhere near full. The potential capacity is 1066 people but there were probably only around 60 folks putting… Continue reading Did Chas Hodges Pull A Rabbit Out Of His Hat ?

Pump Madness

This is ridiculous. I have a trip planned for the weekend, going to visit my sister up in Hastings. That’s a round trip of 180 miles. With some additional miles around the Hastings area I would expect that to go up to perhaps 220 miles. According the electronic brain in my car I have around… Continue reading Pump Madness