Nut Jobs

Given the current cold spell I don’t begrudge these little fellows a few peanuts. Midday and -1 outside even though the sun is shining. A few snow sprinkles falling too, although too few to bother anyone.


Grey Squirrel

Although I put the peanuts out for the birds, the squirrels (and Wood Pigeons) eat the bulk of them. They are always cute and entertaining, so small price to pay for their company.

Since filling the feeders this weekend we are being visited by tits of the Blue, Great and Long-tailed varieties.


Long-tailed Tits

This morning, there was also a Nuthatch getting his fill of sunflower hearts.

As always, the Robins are policing the garden. In the summer they typically, aggressively, chase off any other visitors to the feeders. Perhaps, due to the cold, they are being a little more magnanimous and just observing from a distance.

The Wood Pigeons sit like vultures in the trees. Observing the comings and goings of all the other birds. Since they can no longer land on the feeders, they are relegated to hoovering up the scatterings of their smaller brethren.


View From The Conservatory

I just saw my first ever Firecrest, I think !

Until today I didn’t even know they existed. Such a tiny bird, flying into the garden with a bunch of tits. I guess it was trying to lose itself in the crowds, if it hadn’t been for that bright head cap I wouldn’t have noticed that there was an interloper.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture as the visit was so fleeting.

Has anyone else seen one of these in the Waterlooville area?

View From The Conservatory

Our New Neighbour, Blue Tit

Our New Neighbour, Blue Tit


We put this bird box up last year, well after normal nesting season.

The Wrong Type Of Feather ?

The Wrong Type Of Feather ?


So you can imagine how chuffed we are that we have new tenants in the first year since we opened for business.

Geronimo - Blue Tit

Geronimo – Blue Tit


We have been watching them coming and going for quite a few days. The photo shows the removal of what must be the “wrong” type of feather. 

Can’t wait to see the young when they emerge..