You can tell that the weather is warming up. The ants get busy and then along comes this great little guy…. This very smart bird is a European Green Woodpecker, Picus viridis.  He and his pals visit our front garden fairly frequently since we seem to have more than our fair share of ant nests.  This… Continue reading Woody

Nut Jobs

Given the current cold spell I don’t begrudge these little fellows a few peanuts. Midday and -1 outside even though the sun is shining. A few snow sprinkles falling too, although too few to bother anyone. Although I put the peanuts out for the birds, the squirrels (and Wood Pigeons) eat the bulk of them.… Continue reading Nut Jobs

View From The Conservatory

I just saw my first ever Firecrest, I think ! Until today I didn’t even know they existed. Such a tiny bird, flying into the garden with a bunch of tits. I guess it was trying to lose itself in the crowds, if it hadn’t been for that bright head cap I wouldn’t have noticed… Continue reading View From The Conservatory