When Mr and Mrs Is No Longer Politically Correct

Apparently Brighton and Hove City Council is proposing to ban formal titles such as Mr, Mrs, Miss and Ms from their official letters and documents.

Why ?

In case they offend the transgender community !!!

It seems that the Brighton councillors are actually going to waste time and have a vote on this proposal. It is said that there have been complaints that the use of traditional titles on council paperwork “forces people to ‘choose between genders'”.

I wonder what percentage of the Brighton and Hove population is made up of “transgender” folks. I’m sure that the number doesn’t warrant such a change. Certainly I am in agreement with the opposition councillors who have branded this proposal as ‘political correctness gone too far’ and that the idea is ‘ludicrous’.

They, the council, already have the ability to differentiate between male and female to determine Mr, Mrs, Miss and Ms. Surely it isn’t beyond the wit of their staff to also determine how transgender residents wish to be addressed. They could do this by asking their resident population to let them know how they would like to be addressed.

Then it would be down to the individual and there would be no reason for anyone to get bent out of shape.

South Parade Pier At Risk

South Parade Pier’s owners face liquidation over unpaid energy bills. The danger is if the owners of the pier have to close it down due to lack of income then the real rot will set in. All the while the pier is in active use there is a chance for it to be maintained and refurbished. As soon as the usage declines then so does the state of repair.

Everyone knows that these structures are expensive to maintain due to the harsh, salty and damp environment that they are in. There must be an argument for Portsmouth City Council or even Hampshire County Council stepping in and providing some degree of subsidy to ensure that South Parade Pier doesn’t go the way of Hastings and Brighton piers.

Seaside piers are part of our heritage. Many have succumbed to extreme weather, arsonists and old age. We almost lost South Parade Pier a few years ago, no thanks to Ken Russel and his crew who were filming Tommy at the time. We don’t want that to happen again.

Its time for local government or even national government to step in.

South Parade Pier’s owners face liquidation over unpaid energy bills – Local Business – Portsmouth News.

Southsea Pier Safety – The Unbalanced View

How can you ban the general public from the pier on safety grounds but then still allow anglers access

Surely it is either safe or unsafe.

Or does the couple of quid charged to the anglers really make everything all right ?

Its time that some form of national funding was put in place to ensure the survival of the many piers around our coastline. They are part of our heritage. I would hate to see Southsea Pier go the same way that other piers, such as those of Brighton and Hastings Piers.

Southsea Pier has so far withstood the ravages of time and also Ken Russell’s attempt during the filming of the movie version of The Who’s Tommy.

Outcry as public barred from pier over safety fears – Local – Portsmouth News.