Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Shake Your Money Maker


A Biscuit In The Sun

Elmore James’ original has evolved into a staple of the blues set. With all the impossibly-talented musicians out there I’m certain there’s a cover that rocks harder than the Paul Butterfield version but I haven’t heard it yet. Check out Mike Bloomfield‘s slide lead. That cat got it, for sure.

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Gotcha !!!

On 13th November a girl was walking along a street in Plaistow, east London, when a man ran up behind her and punched her in the head. He then turned around and left the way he came. With that single stroke she was felled like a tree. Her attacker left her face down on the pavement with broken teeth.

The police made CCTV footage available in their search for the thug that attacked this girl.

On Friday Michael Ayoade, 34, appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court where he plead guilty to assault and occasioning actual bodily harm.

This cowardly unprovoked act must be punished with the maximum sentence that the law allows.

Cheerio Pippa

Our house is a much quieter place since Pippa the Shih Tzu was picked up this morning. She has gone back home to be with her Mum who had been in hospital following an altercation with a paper boys bicycle.


We think Pippa new something was afoot. Something in the way that she was following me around, being more of a shadow than usual. However, when she was collected she ran out the door and was gone without a single look back.

How is that for gratitude after we took you in ?

We will miss her company and her funny little ways but she is where she should be. Her Mum has missed her and they will be good company for each other.

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