The Most Terrifying Elevator Prank Ever

This is fabulous. I saw it the other evening after my granddaughter posted it on Facebook. Question raised in my mind …. surely someone gave her a slap. They can’t all have been so wimpy.


A Brazilian TV show called Programa Silvio Santos has pulled off the prank of pranks on unsuspecting elevator riders by taking them on a terrifying ride straight out of a horror movie.

The prank titled “Ghost In The Elevator,” riders thought they were entering a normal elevator, but as they rose a few floors, the lights began flickering and turn off altogether, leaving them stranded in darkness.

That’s when a little girl reminiscent of the girl from The Ring, crawled through a hidden door in the elevator, making it seem like she appeared out of no where. The girl stands there holding a baby doll and after a few moments, lets out a startling shriek that sends the victims into panic.

The reactions are pretty priceless, but if we were in the same situation, we would have been running for the door. This prank is enough to give anyone…

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