Nadine Dorries ‘I’m a Celebrity’ appearance – So What !

The brouhaha over Dorries decision to take time out to appear in the ITV program will  only come back and bite the Tories on their collective bum.

Fickel as they are, much of the great British Public will get behind her just to spite her naysayer colleagues in Westminster. The rest will be voting for her to take all the challenges as a form of punishment. Almost like having a member of parliament in the stocks but getting someone else to throw the rotten tomatoes.

There is an imbalance  in the collective reaction. On the one hand there are those that believe that she is doing something wrong, that she is breaking some code by exposing herself to public ridicule  that is almost guaranteed by this program. On the other hand there are those who, perhaps not so “tongue in cheek”, are pleased that she will be off the grid and out of their hair for a month. But other MPs have stayed active despite much more serious transgressions. One has only to look back a few weeks to be reminded of a certain MP who swore at policemen doing their duty, Was he suspended ?

What use is suspending her anyway, after all she is incommunicado while sequestered in the jungle.

I suspect that the cries of anguish from her  colleagues also smack of more that a little jealousy, just a smidgen of “Why didn’t they ask me?”

Senior Conservatives are furious that Ms Dorries has brought the party into disrepute by abandoning her constituents while she earns up to £40,000 as a game show contestant.

Disrepute ? What about MPs expenses ? Many of those shouting out about Ms Dorries activities should look a little closer to home. I am sure many of them have had to change the way in which they claim expenses and how many of them can truly take the high ground and say that they have nothing to reproach themselves for.

Presumably under parliamentary rules she will declare any earnings she makes.

Surely the Tory party should be assuming “innocent until proven guilty”

The Conservative Party said Ms Dorries must “justify herself” to her constituents, but declined to say whether she has broken the MPs’ code of conduct stating they must always behave with “probity”.

There is a saying “No publicity is bad publicity”. Until this issue broke I for one had never heard of Nadine Dorries. Now she is all over our television news programs, talk shows and on the front pages of the dailies.

What harm will she have done to her party, very little to my way of thinking. What harm will she have done to politics in general. None, politicians are all in it for self and the power over us “the plebs”.

What harm will she have done to her own reputation, very little. She will have gained more exposure. More people will know her name. Some will try and say that she has let her constituents down by being absent and not dealing with their problems. In one month it is questionable how much she would have done when you split her time between constituency and Westminster.

The ones that have done the most harm in my view are the chief whip and supporters who have shown how petty they can be with this knee jerk suspension. Don’t they realise that there are real issues that they should be dealing with.

Conservatives mocked over Nadine Dorries ‘I’m a Celebrity’ appearance – Telegraph.

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