Australia’s prime minister says anti-Muslim senator should be charged for striking teen who broke egg on his head

What is this world coming to ?

A man is assaulted, albeit with an egg. He retaliated with a couple of slaps.

The Australian Prime Minister says the assault victim should be charged !!!

The victim, Australian Senator Fraser Anning, may be anti Muslim but he was assaulted and in my book was perfectly justified in his reaction.

There should be no support for his assailant.

Compare the reactions here in Oz to those seen when British MP John Prescott was egged. Prescott actually punched the assailant. His boss, Tony Blair, is reported to have said “John is John when asked to comment.

Time to get real and focus on real issues methinks.

Gotcha !!!

On 13th November a girl was walking along a street in Plaistow, east London, when a man ran up behind her and punched her in the head. He then turned around and left the way he came. With that single stroke she was felled like a tree. Her attacker left her face down on the pavement with broken teeth.

The police made CCTV footage available in their search for the thug that attacked this girl.

On Friday Michael Ayoade, 34, appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court where he plead guilty to assault and occasioning actual bodily harm.

This cowardly unprovoked act must be punished with the maximum sentence that the law allows.

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