3 thoughts on “Virtual Elephant March”

  1. I remember hearing a quote about Rhino’s that put thing’s in perspective. I think it was a park ranger fighting against the poachers they said something along the lines of ‘I imagine if it was walking around with a massive pure gold horn on its head. Because that’s essentially what it is’. Sad.

    1. Yes it is sad. If there was no demand then the trade would die. Much of the demand is supported by the belief in the mythical powers that these objects have. I don’t know how we break that link. The game wardens are on a hiding to nothing.

      1. Well perhaps I’m being naive but I’ve longed wondered if it would help to do some proper double blind clincal trials on these ‘medicines’ against modern medicine to see the comparison. I suspect that they will have little or no effect (beyond placebo). And then publish the results in full page adverts in national papers of the countries that use these remedies. As I say, perhaps I’m naive but I wonder if it might help to kill the source. Or at least get people talking about it.

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