Explosion as train hits bike on tracks

Once again we are plagued by morons hell-bent on creating carnage.

In this country, it seems that we are breeding a class of person who doesn’t give a toss about what happens to anyone else. Who doesn’t care if they kill or maim someone by their stupid actions. In fact anything goes and these lowlifes will do anything for kicks it seems, as long as it doesn’t directly affect them.

Before it was the lunatics who throw bricks onto motorways. Now it is the idiots who leave items on railway tracks.

CCTV captured two youths riding across Bedhampton level crossing at 1.34am on Saturday.
Seconds later, out of shot, one of the bikes is pushed back towards the crossing landing on the tracks.

The image below shows the results of their lunacy.

Through sheer luck, no-one was injured and the train was relatively undamaged, but the consequences could have been far worse. Trains travel at high speeds and there is a very real risk when they strike objects on the track that they could be derailed.

Some of the comments attached to the News report shows that some people seem to think that the police aren’t tough enough on the perpetrators. Well I’m sorry but that is tosh. Our police spend an awful amount of time investigating this type of crime only to have the courts show some kind of misguided leniency.

Other comments imply that, just because some of this incident was captured on CCTV, the police should have these morons locked up. Wise up folks. I read somewhere that the councils in Hampshire had some 3000 plus cameras and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t include all those privately operated by the likes of Network Rail and the British Transport Police. Not every camera is being monitored 24/7. Some are just covered by recording equipment during unsocial hours.

I don’t know what the answer is to these idiots. I am sure that there are many psychoanalysts who can write reams on how society has let them down and that it is in fact my fault, or perhaps your fault.

They all know what is right and what is wrong but for whatever reason they make choices. The wrong choices by any of societies measures.

I hope that they are caught. I hope that they are handed over to the police by someone who they know. Someone that has a greater sense of morality than they do.

Then I hope the courts throw the book at them.
Explosion as train hits bike on tracks – Local – The News.

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