Find Paddy’s Stolen Gear

Come on folks. Lets find this gear and return it to Paddy. I am posting the following, unchanged…..

URGENT!!! last night Paddy Maguire had his car broken in to and they have taken his black strat guitar, his Germino amp head and his pedal board! the pedals he had are an oxfuzz 2, a jim dulop custom wah wah, dunlop rota vibe, hep cat, line 6 DL4, all in a powered flight case. The Germino is an LD55 Lead and has the serial number rockgrinder 1. the guitar is a 1984 black strat with cigarette burns on the head stock and a paddycaster name plate on the scratch plate. PLEASE KEEP YOUR EYES OUT FOR THESE. They were taken from our house in Halifax but they could be trying to get rid of the gear anywhere. obviously paddy is devastated and we would appreciate for anyone to let us know if they hear anything. We are offering a reward to get our stuff back safely so please pass the message around and lets get the little scroats that decided it was ok to do this thing! thanks guys

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