View From The Conservatory

So I was just heading out to the freezer in the utility room, thinking about what we should have for dinner tonight. I was a little cautious stepping out of the kitchen as always, because I like to peek and see what birds are in the garden. I stood watching a Dunnock for a minute or so as it darted around the bare branches of some shrubs. Then a movement from the other side of the garden caught my eye.

And this is what I saw…

Skanky Fox in my garden. Apart from the lack of fur he seems quite healthy and alert.

The amazing thing is he clambered up on top of our fence and plodded along the top in the same way as cats do. The feet on one side on the top of the fence and the other feet on the arris rail.

As I said, Alert. He was aware of every noise be it traffic or bird calls.

I had watched him for a while before I thought to go get my camera. These pictures are all captured through double glazing which is less than clean at the moment.

I don’t think he had a best side.

This is the second fox that we have had in the garden with skin/fur problems. Although the previous one looked like he had suffered a kind of de-gloving of the hind leg, perhaps as a result of conflict with a car. Maybe this one has had a similar encounter although I am tempted to contact the RSPCA and see if this is indicative of something that local dog owners might need to be aware of.

View From The Conservatory

Topped up the bird feeders earlier today. Threw a bit of feed on the bird table and just for a bit of sport spilled a bit onto our wonky feeder over the bird bath. Just making sure that the birds had plenty of options open to them.

I knew that arch criminal, and bird food thief, the squirrel would be doing the rounds to help himself. If only a few minutes ahead of those big fat bird shaped vacuum cleaners, the wood pigeons.

What I didn’t expect was that, having already visited the bird table, the squirrel would move on to new pastures.

Feed Thief
Feed Thief

Feed Thief, Who Me ?
Feed Thief, Who Me ?

I don’t mind them filling up. All wildlife is welcome and they do tend to leave the feeders on the house walls alone. So there is plenty to go round for the Robins, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Dunnocks that are our regular visitors. Even the Carrion Crows visit although they tend to gather the flickings from the bird table. To be quite honest I think they prefer the curried rice which I have taken to putting out.

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