Catch These Bastards

We are appealing for witnesses after an 84-year-old man was assaulted and then robbed in his own home by three men in Hazelton Way, Cowplain at around 6pm yesterday, January 13.

It has been reported that one man entered his house by breaking in the back door while he was in his lounge watching television and sleeping.

The man has then tried to confuse the elderly gentleman by telling him to look at the damage and asking for £50.

Two other men then arrive and assault the elderly man, knocking him to the floor, before stealing his wallet.

Man 1 is described as:

Aged mid 20s 
Short dark wavy hair 
5 ft 6 in 
Medium build 
Clean shaven 
Wearing a dark-coloured clothing and footwear

Man 2 is described as:

Aged mid 20s
Muscular stocky build 
Clean Shaven 
Dark curly hair 
Local accent 
Wearing a black army style jacket and dark trousers and heavy boots

Man 3 is described as:

Aged mid 20s
5 ft 8 in 
Slight build 
Dark hair
Wearing a dark bobble hat

Detective Constable Barry Martin from the Eastern Investigations Team said: “We are appealing to anyone who saw these males in the vicinity of Hazelton Way on Wednesday or anyone who recognises these descriptions.

“This is a despicable crime committed by three men who targeted an elderly man in his home. If anyone has any information about this incident please call 101 and quote 44160019000.”

RMS Number: 44160019000

Help Catch This Thug

‘Vile’ cyclist punches couple in road attack – Portsmouth News.

I have posted the entire article from the News.

This thug needs to be locked up.


A COUPLE attacked by a cyclist have called for the ‘vile’ man to be caught.

Lee Dyer and his fiancé were both punched in the face after getting involved in an argument with a cyclist while driving to pick up relatives from Portsmouth ferry port.

Lee, 46, is now in danger of losing sight in his left eye due to his injuries.

Police have released a description of a man they wish to speak to, who is 5ft 6in, in his 40s with mousey brown hair and stubble. The man was riding a red and white-framed bike with white-rimmed tyres.

Lee and his fiancé Lisa Elphick-Smith, 49, both of Outram Road, Southsea said they had stopped at temporary traffic lights near the Co-op at The Hard when they saw two men on bikes acting dangerously.

Lisa said: ‘They were terrorising people on the pavement, so I said “you’re going to injure yourself or someone else” and then he started yelling abuse at me.’

The couple then drove off, riled but thinking that was the end of of the matter.

But the abusive cyclist hadn’t finished.

The couple had to stop at the next traffic lights under the railway bridge in Ordnance Row.

Lee said: ‘There was a massive bang on my side of the window and before I knew it, my door was flung open and I was punched in the face two times.

‘Then Lisa jumped out and ran around the back of the car telling him to stop, and then he punched her the face as well.’

Lisa said she jumped back and avoided the full brunt of the blow, but still ended up on the ground with a sore hip.

Lee said a woman in another car accidently ran over the abusive man’s companion’s bicycle.

Lee said: ‘I’m not a small person – 15-and-ahalf stone – so then I put up my hands and said, “right, that’s enough now”, they ran off and I was left stood there covered in blood.’

Lisa, a nurse, tended to Lee’s injuries. She said he had a haematoma in his left eye and might yet lose the use of that eye.

She said: ‘He still can’t see out of that eye.’

‘I want this guy caught.

‘I want him put away because I think he’s absolutely vile, a menace to society.’

The incident happened just before 6.30pm on Saturday, February 22. Police have only just released details.

Anyone who witnessed the incident, or has any information should call PC Greg Meacham at Southsea police station on 101. Alternatively call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111

Animals !!!

Thats the only word that can describe these teenagers and what they did to 50 year old Andrew Toseland.

I’d say that Brandon Fisher got off lightly with a sentence of only 27 months after an attack that left  Andrew Toseland requiring 24-hour care for the rest of his life.

And there’s the nub. What kind of life will that be. He cannot walk. He can barely talk. In my mind these animals have left Andrew Toseland in a living hell.

Fisher got off lightly due to his reduce role in this vicious attack.

I trust that the judges come down hard on the leaders of the attack.

The News has published an article entitled “He’s very sorry” Referring to Fishers remorse over his role in the assault. Sorry is an over used word that has been significantly devalued. It is too easy to say sorry. It is harder and takes a stronger person to prevent the actions that make its use necessary.

‘He’s very sorry’ – family speaks out after attack – Local – Portsmouth News.

Police want to contact girl about Waterlooville attack – Local – Portsmouth News

I’m plagiarising the whole article from the news in order to help spread the word. We don’t need this sort of activity in Waterlooville.


POLICE have released an e-fit image of a teenage girl they want to speak to about an attack on a couple in Waterlooville.

An 18-year-old man was walking with woman through an alleyway from Stakes Hill Road to Purbrook Way when he was sprayed in the face by a teenage boy who was passing by with a teenage girl. Some of the spray also went in the woman’s face.

The girl is white, about 18 and has a boyish pixie haircut with dyed blonde hair. She was on a bicycle.

She also had arched and thin plucked eyebrows and at the time of the incident she had black eyeliner on both eyelids drawn to a point at the outside corners. The offender is white, of medium build with short, dark hair. Det Con Pete Budgen said: ‘This type of assault is thankfully rare. It was a mindless and unprovoked incident. The couple who sprayed the substance may have thought it was a joke, however the consequences could have been more serious.’

Anyone with information can call 101.

Police want to contact girl about Waterlooville attack – Local – Portsmouth News.

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