Police want to contact girl about Waterlooville attack – Local – Portsmouth News

I’m plagiarising the whole article from the news in order to help spread the word. We don’t need this sort of activity in Waterlooville.


POLICE have released an e-fit image of a teenage girl they want to speak to about an attack on a couple in Waterlooville.

An 18-year-old man was walking with woman through an alleyway from Stakes Hill Road to Purbrook Way when he was sprayed in the face by a teenage boy who was passing by with a teenage girl. Some of the spray also went in the woman’s face.

The girl is white, about 18 and has a boyish pixie haircut with dyed blonde hair. She was on a bicycle.

She also had arched and thin plucked eyebrows and at the time of the incident she had black eyeliner on both eyelids drawn to a point at the outside corners. The offender is white, of medium build with short, dark hair. Det Con Pete Budgen said: ‘This type of assault is thankfully rare. It was a mindless and unprovoked incident. The couple who sprayed the substance may have thought it was a joke, however the consequences could have been more serious.’

Anyone with information can call 101.

Police want to contact girl about Waterlooville attack – Local – Portsmouth News.

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