Help Catch This Thug

‘Vile’ cyclist punches couple in road attack – Portsmouth News.

I have posted the entire article from the News.

This thug needs to be locked up.


A COUPLE attacked by a cyclist have called for the ‘vile’ man to be caught.

Lee Dyer and his fiancé were both punched in the face after getting involved in an argument with a cyclist while driving to pick up relatives from Portsmouth ferry port.

Lee, 46, is now in danger of losing sight in his left eye due to his injuries.

Police have released a description of a man they wish to speak to, who is 5ft 6in, in his 40s with mousey brown hair and stubble. The man was riding a red and white-framed bike with white-rimmed tyres.

Lee and his fiancé Lisa Elphick-Smith, 49, both of Outram Road, Southsea said they had stopped at temporary traffic lights near the Co-op at The Hard when they saw two men on bikes acting dangerously.

Lisa said: ‘They were terrorising people on the pavement, so I said “you’re going to injure yourself or someone else” and then he started yelling abuse at me.’

The couple then drove off, riled but thinking that was the end of of the matter.

But the abusive cyclist hadn’t finished.

The couple had to stop at the next traffic lights under the railway bridge in Ordnance Row.

Lee said: ‘There was a massive bang on my side of the window and before I knew it, my door was flung open and I was punched in the face two times.

‘Then Lisa jumped out and ran around the back of the car telling him to stop, and then he punched her the face as well.’

Lisa said she jumped back and avoided the full brunt of the blow, but still ended up on the ground with a sore hip.

Lee said a woman in another car accidently ran over the abusive man’s companion’s bicycle.

Lee said: ‘I’m not a small person – 15-and-ahalf stone – so then I put up my hands and said, “right, that’s enough now”, they ran off and I was left stood there covered in blood.’

Lisa, a nurse, tended to Lee’s injuries. She said he had a haematoma in his left eye and might yet lose the use of that eye.

She said: ‘He still can’t see out of that eye.’

‘I want this guy caught.

‘I want him put away because I think he’s absolutely vile, a menace to society.’

The incident happened just before 6.30pm on Saturday, February 22. Police have only just released details.

Anyone who witnessed the incident, or has any information should call PC Greg Meacham at Southsea police station on 101. Alternatively call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111

Let’s have a bit of give and take and respect each other

From a recent article in The News.

DRIVERS have criticised cyclists for not using a designated cycleway – arguing it is a safety hazard and causes traffic jams.

Motorists say traffic queues are building up on Hambledon Road between Waterlooville and Denmead as cars wait to overtake cyclists.

What a weird article this is with suggestions that cyclist are responsible for traffic congestion in and around Waterlooville.

According to this article the main complainant, leastways the only one that is quoted, is a Ms McGeady, of Linda Grove, Cowplain.
She is quoted as saying

‘Drivers have to take their life into their own hands, zooming round bikes and worrying people coming in the other direction.

Well Ms McGeady, I have news for you. Your not supposed to “zoom” round cyclists. You are supposed to drive around them with due care, giving plenty of room. You are supposed to leave plenty of time for your journey so that you don’t have to “zoom” around.

‘The other day there was a little old guy who was cycling almost in the gutter and there was a queue of cars trying to get round him.

‘Everyone was winding down their windows and asking him to use the cycleway.’

I will be 60 this year and when I was a youngster we had it drummed into us that you should not ride your bike on the pavement. From the sounds of it this “little old guy” was of a similar vintage and he too, probably, has it ingrained in his psyche.

I have personal experience of using this road to get to and from my place of work over the last 30 years. I too have experienced hold ups on this road. However, my experience has been that it is motorists that are causing the hold ups.

Not because they are driving badly.

This road has seen a steady rise in the volume of traffic over the last 30 years that I have been using it. The housing developments in and around Denmead are contributors to that increase. At peak times the traffic can build up very quickly, especially if there are vehicles slowing down to make turns. For example a single car waiting to turn across the traffic to enter Soake Road, Closewood Road or Sunnymead Drive will quickly cause the traffic to build up.

Of course the new traffic lights are a contributor and when the new housing developments are complete the additional traffic volume will far exceed any hold ups by cyclists.

Ms McGeady made a complaint to Hampshire County Council after seeing a cyclist on a racing bike on the road.

She said: ‘There was a cyclist with a very expensive racing bike and the full kit.

‘He was not using the cycleway. You have to say why?’

No, Ms McGeady, you don’t have to say “why ?”.

As John Holland, chairman of Portsmouth Cycle Forum, says

‘A cyclist has a right to be on any highway, apart from a motorway, just like a horse and cart has.

‘A vehicle is there by licence.

and the most sensible comment from John Holland

‘If you are driving down a road and there is a cyclist and you have to slow down, by how long does it delay your journey? Twenty seconds, five seconds?

‘Let’s have a bit of give and take and respect each other.’

Safety warning as cyclists steer clear of new cyclepath – Transport – Portsmouth News.

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