Flaming June

The month of June is quite often referred to as “Flaming June”. Depending on the weather this can be either a positive description or a negative one. This year I believe this description would be delivered as a positive. The weather has been predominantly good, much to the benefit of the roses. Here are a… Continue reading Flaming June

Yet Another Squirrel Picture

Over the last few weeks I have loaded up two of my bird feeders with around 2 kilos of sunflower hearts. One feeder has a stainless steel mesh and is mainly frequented by the various members of the tit family. Supplemented by the occasional visits of a pair of Nuthatches and Robins. And today we… Continue reading Yet Another Squirrel Picture

The Bluebell Line

Continuing a theme of stepping back in time, today’s post is about the Bluebell Railway which runs between East Grinstead & Sheffield Park in East Sussex. This was another “wrinklies” trip, organised by the IBM Retired Employees Club. And what a fine day out it was. A coach trip through some of the finest countryside that Hampshire and… Continue reading The Bluebell Line

Monty The Boat Horse

As an IBM retiree, I am a member of the IBM Retired Employee Club. The club organises various activities to keep us occupied, mainly via organised excursions. These activities can vary from shopping trips to London, mystery coach rides through the British countryside, shows and visits to stately homes. A couple of weeks ago we did… Continue reading Monty The Boat Horse


You can tell that the weather is warming up. The ants get busy and then along comes this great little guy…. This very smart bird is a European Green Woodpecker, Picus viridis.  He and his pals visit our front garden fairly frequently since we seem to have more than our fair share of ant nests.  This… Continue reading Woody

Super Car Sunday – Goodwood

Today was Super Car Sunday, part of the Breakfast Club series, held on the first Sunday of every month at the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit. The weather was perfect, with bright sunshine to show of the varied paint finishes. Here are just some of the photos I captured. I would just like to say thank… Continue reading Super Car Sunday – Goodwood