Goodwood Breakfast Club

1st May was Supercar Sunday at the Goodwood Racing Circuit. The first Breakfast Club of 2022.

Here are a few snaps that I took on my phone.

Ultima Can-Am
2015 Chevrolet 6.2l
1991 Ferrari Testarossa 4.9l
Detomaso Pantera
2013 Maclaren MP4-12C
1972 Detomaso Pantera 5.8l
Detomaso Pantera
2011 Mercedes 6.2l
1981 Delorean 2.8l
2006 Lamborghini 4.9l & 2016 Aston Martin 4.7l
Ferrari – Just enough space for a picnic basket
Ferrari Power
2003 Ronart Lightning 4.6ll
Ronart Lightning
Lamborghini Power
Ronart Lightning

Super Car Sunday – Goodwood

Today was Super Car Sunday, part of the Breakfast Club series, held on the first Sunday of every month at the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit.

The weather was perfect, with bright sunshine to show of the varied paint finishes.

Here are just some of the photos I captured.

I would just like to say thank you to the folks at Goodwood for hosting this event and to the owners of these fabulous machines for bringing them along for us to drool over.

And the best thing about this event, it is totally free.

Hot Rod & Custom Car Show 2017

Just spent an enjoyable couple of hours at the Hot Rod & Custom Car Show, held at Stansted House in Hampshire.

The weather did rather let us down but the cars managed to shine through even if the sun didn’t.

I’ll let the cars do the talking, take a look at the following photos. See what you think.

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – 2012

Every year a Classic Car Show is staged in the Waterlooville centre.

Despite the weather letting the exhibitors down there were quite a few folks up there and I include a few snaps for your edification.

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – General View South

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – General View North

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – A

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – Triumph Stag

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – Sunbeam Supreme

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – Model T Replica

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – Vauxhall Victor 101

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – Edsel

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – Ford Mustang Mach 1

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – Hummer

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – Pontiac Firebird

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – Chevrolet

Waterlooville Classic Car Show – Mercury Monterey

The pedestrianised precinct is ideal for this type of event. It is a shame that there wasn’t some music and perhaps a barbecue or hog roast to supplement the static car display. Now that the precinct has been refurbished the town has to make maximum use out of the facility. I arrived around  13:30 and all I could see aside from the cars was some kind of Face Painting and a caravan with someone bending balloons. I couldn’t see much to indicate if there was any kind of “Best in Show” competition.

The owners of the cars were not much in evidence although some had obviously taken refuge within their cars. I did wonder if the old lady, asleep in one of the cars, might have been an optional extra at the time of original purchase.

I can only wish them better luck with the weather next year.

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