I love this and I hope you don’t mind me stealing this as a further tribute to Neil Armstrong

Neil Slorance

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the sad news about the passing of Neil Armstrong. As a small tribute I’ve made a short comic.

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll probably know I’m super into space and Neil helped spark that. See when I was growing I honestly didn’t know any other Neils and I grew to almost dislike my name until my mum told me about Neil Armstrong the astronaut. Then I suddenly thought Neils were awesome and learning about the other Neil sparked my interest in all things spacey which has stayed with me to this day.

Rest in peace other Neil.

Also, there’s some new wee bits and bobs in my shop if you have a minute for a look.


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RIP Big Mike

The world lost yet another talent following the death of Michael Clarke Duncan yesterday morning.

Probably known best for his role as John Coffey in The Green Mile Duncan was never far from our screens, having appeared in many films and TV series. Duncan was nominated for both Academy and Golden Globe awards.

For my part I am currently enjoying his performances on the “Bones” spin-off “The Finder”, starring alongside Geoff Stults, Mercedes Masohn and Maddie Hasson.

He will be missed.

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