West Of Waterlooville – New Primary Schools

I’ve re-blogged this in the interests of providing the wider Waterlooville community with information about the developments that are occurring around them.

West of Waterlooville

The Masterplan for the West of Waterlooville includes sites for two 2 form entry primary schools. Based on the expected rate of development, we are planning for the first of these schools (on the northern part of the Berewood site) to open in September 2014. Design work is now under way and we expect to make a planning application in October 2012. The new school would serve the northern parts of the Berewood development, together with the Taylor Wimpey (Old Park Farm) site as access from that development to the new school site will be available by the planned opening date.

Under the Education Act 2011, there is a presumption that new schools should be academies, so in the first instance the County Council  has to seek an academy sponsor. This is done by publishing details on the County Council’s web site and notifying any potential sponsors of whom we…

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One Pot Cooking – Try This

This sounds good. Reblogging so I can find the recipe again.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

I have been on a casserole kick lately. I really don’t know why but with summer turning into fall, I think this kick is about three months too soon. Long baking dishes in the oven when the air conditioner is running is just a bit counter productive. My electric company loves it, though. Maybe they are sending me subliminal messages in my sleep!

In my mind, a casserole should generally be a one-dish dish. Most of what I am making, ends up being a pot, a pan and three dishes. This recipe is really no exception.

This was both hearty, creamy and very good.

There are a surprising number of ingredients in this dish.

Spread the rice out.

Layer in the veggies.

Start the sauce.

Cook up the sausage.

Putting it all together.

And into the oven.

Ready to eat.

Zucchini Rice Casserole

Prep Time: 40 minutes | Cook Time:

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RIP Andy

Singer Andy Williams has died, at the age of 84, following a long battle with bladder cancer.

Best known for the song “Moon River” but he also had hits with “Can’t Get Used to Losing You” and “The Hawaiian Wedding Song”.

Back in the sixties “The Andy Williams Show” was popular viewing in our household, noted for the variety and big name guest star appearances and of course the catchphrase

Not Now… Not Ever… NEVER!!

followed by “The Cookie Bear” falling on his face.

Andy, you had a fabulous voice and have left us with many pleasant memories.

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