Lunatic Driver

Yesterday I was driving down the A3(M), sitting in the outside lane bringing up the rear of a small convoy, doing just under 70mph when this tosser in a green Ford Focus came hurtling up behind me. He then proceeded to tailgate me trying to push me to go faster. He did this despite the fact that it was quite obvious  there was no where for me to go. But still he pushed.

There is a saying that if you cannot see the wheels of the car behind you then it is too close. Well this idiot was so close to my rear that I could not see his head lamps or even the leading edge of the bonnet.

At his first opportunity he “undertook”, then cut back in front and brake tested me. He then gesticulated at me, using both hands off the steering wheel.  Further along the road he did the same thing to another motorist, then to another. This was a man in a hurry and one who couldn’t care less about his or other folks safety. As it happens we were following the same route and we, my wife, granddaughter and I, watched as he forced his way past various cars as we all headed down the Eastern Road.

I  can only assume that he was late for the Pompey match but this idiot has no place on our roads

So, if you see a green Ford Focus X235 AMP, BEWARE !!!

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