I Wanna Tell You A Story

Yes, I wanna tell you a story, about a great entertainer who has sadly passed away.

Max Bygraves has sadly passed at the age of 89.

One of Britain’s best all round variety entertainer.  He wrote a string of comic songs and released a number of albums with his Singalongamax series probably being the most well-known. Max appeared in a number of films, notably Charley Moon in 1956, as well as several TV shows. He also  performed on stage with contemporaries Spike Milligan, Benny Hill, Harry Secombe and Frankie Howerd and in  later years he often appeared at the London Palladium.

For me, probably the fondest memory will be Max singing “Out of Town”. I hope that, wherever Max is, he is enjoying the sentiment of that song.

Say what you will,
The countryside is still
The only place where I could settle down
Troubles there are so much rarer
Out of town


Max Bygraves is most definitely “Out Of Town”

True Spirit Shown By Houssein Omar Hassan

I’ve said it many times. I am constantly amazed by the sheer grit and determination of the athletes participating in both the Olympics and the Paralympics.

None more so than that shown by Houssein Omar Hassan during the 1,500 metres, earlier today in the 2012 Paralympic Games.  He finished last in his heat, recording a time of 11:23.50, which was nearly three times that of the time of the winner. Although the rest of the competitors had finished he continued to the end with enormous support from the spectators.

Hassan who was competing in the T46 category, is the first representative from Djibouti to compete at the Paralympic and it should be noted that he is the only athlete from Djibouti in 2012.

This man showed the true olympic / paralympic spirit.

Michael Galagher – Takes Back World Record

Michael Galager was not prepared to yield the World Record without a fight. Only minutes ago John Allen Butterworth smashed the world record previously held by Galagher.

Gallagher responded by not only retaking the world record crown but doing it comprehensively.

This puts Butterworth and Gallagher head to head for the gold medal. What a race that is going to be. Will we see the record fall again, well we will just have to wait and see.

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