Vandals made to clear up graffiti after they went on 10-day spree – Too Right

You reap what you sow as the saying goes and it was certainly true for these five miscreants.

VANDALS who went on a 10-day graffiti spree were made to clear up their scrawlings after being caught in the act by police.

The five youngsters aged 11 to 13 defaced buildings across Havant, Hayling Island, Leigh Park and Bedhampton, with their signature graffiti signs, known as tagging.

It caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to 17 homes, underpasses, shops and car parks.

We definitely need more of this sort of punishment doled out to the perpetrators. It shows society that there are consequences for negative actions.

PC Wimshurst added: ‘These lads are first-time offenders and the best solution seemed to be putting right what they had done.

‘It offers the best compensation for those who suffered and it also helps to make the offenders realise the amount of damage they have caused.

‘I think that this will teach them more than being put in a cell and told off. It was a chance to put common sense policing to work.’

These kids will have found that they had to work harder to clean up the results of their actions. It will have given them first hand experience of what their victims would have had to endure.

They spent four days scrubbing walls, litter picking and tidying up areas across the Havant borough.

Seeing them cleaning up is also a visible indicator to society that this type of action will not be tolerated. The handing out of cautions, ASBOs etc. are all to often seen as the soft approach.

Vandals made to clear up graffiti after they went on 10-day spree – Local – Portsmouth News.

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